Our Faith


The times we live in present strong query to our faith; one that makes one ask in quicker successions, where are we? Though it is not strange to be faced with life’s challenges, the hue and shades of the ones we are going through, in this season, are so different! The innermost question is why are there so many hurdles to cross? Why is everything so simple or looks so simple for others and for the saved, every detail counts? We are daily faced with situations that intend to make us less than we are made and our choices are therefore so important. A simple mistake costs so much, chief of which is time!

We writhe, crawl, walk, run and tried to fly many times only to come crashing on the floor for reasons not known but understood. We dared the impossible several times, stretched our innermost possibilities and capacities. Yet, we keep discovering that there is a bolt that is not in place. Our permutations outlines timing issues at some times; at other times it is self-blame of weaknesses and inefficiencies. Somewhere in the deepest being however, we know there is much to these things than we can see or perceive . . . It seems like we are just not in the know of all but we are far from being wrong.

We find ourselves in situations in which we pursue with dexterity and purpose, passion and consecration; something we cannot fully express, but we understood. This entity we seek makes all our knowledge become shadows and we are as plain and vulnerable as a brand new baby. The futures seem like we have no hold of it; yet, we know the key to the future is hid within us.

So, without fail we will keep pursuing and hoping against hope, enduring seeing the unseen and striving for a life of fulfilment of purpose. Sincerely, we do not know when all the answers will come, neither do we have an idea when the end of all that we detest will come; but we know our end has an expectation that must be met.

Rest! Rest our soul! Rest for the journey is known before it began and faith is all we need in the owner of our lives, to live out the designed. PEACE, BE STILL!