Things I Have Shared


Form the time I started out life,

Since when God’s breath had made me living,

I had shared many things,

Yet, it has not finished. . . .

I shared my cries,

When from the the pool of blood and water I was delivered;

I shared my stench and smell,

When I had to drop waste and I could not do so , of my own accord;

I shared my thrills and frills,

When excites and exasperated alike;

I shared my food’

As soon as Mother gave birth to another.

I shared my time,

As parents give some to other siblings;

I shared my words,

When others care to listen;

I shared my table,

As I study in school with classmates;

I shared my joy,

When I succeeded in exams and clocked another year.

Now, I am still sharing,

Except that not many will like to share . . .; for

I share my dreams,

But they are too large and impossible for many;

I share my faith,

But, it is too tough and narrow a road for some too;

I share my hopes,

But, it is not the preference to those who will not have benefit in it as they wish;

I share my life,

Hoping to lay hold of Christ’s Life.

17102009 | 12.09pm