Paradigm for the Paradise

13092010 | 03:44AM

The other day I was traveling from Ibadan to Lagos in Nigeria, some mid-aged man’s voice came over the radio in the eighteen-passenger bus I was in and though the driver was speeding and everyone was on the edge of their seat, his voice was heard by all because he spoke about relationship. Relationship, he described must be curtailed and no one should aspire or reach out for anything thinking he or she has friends. He recommended that all of us should live secretive, politicized and indifferent lives.

In that moment I realized that the problem our world has are the different expression we give to life and these expressions in isolations. However, I found that the solutions to them all are also hid in the problem; which is the different expressions in community. Several scientific and technological advancement have given vehicle to so many proposition of higher life as only possible by seeing the world as evolving and not a creation that is growing. In short, it is acknowledging the growth but cutting of the creation process and the Creator. I guess this explains why most of the worlds we refer to as underdeveloped and their people are much more accurate in their predictions of the future though they lack the willingness, right condition of the heart and the power to reach for it. Nonetheless, I would say they are humble enough to acknowledge that someone has a better control of what they do not understand and they honor Him.

I have heard several media inform me of the use of God or demons as an excuse for thing they do not understand. It is regarded as lower life to ascribe sovereignty to God because it is obvious His perception are in different forms and many times, in highly opposing nature; thus the religious inclination that is in my opinion the next nuclear weapon that the world should be looking our for.

Where are all of these going? Why is the life of a man seemingly full of more confusions than understanding? Is it possible that the initial design of humans and humanity had become lost and all that we are left with is the dysfunctional, individualistic and selfish system that has produced all manners of evils that we see? I am wired up to believe in no one, to see no good in anyone; to considerably doubt to a large extent what someone tells me because the world is evil . . . that is the way I am meant to live life if I want to be successful. So, as an employee, I do as much work as I am paid for; no more, no less! As a follower, I am meant to just keep quiet and say no word since that means humility and submission! As a child, I am meant to obey the elders, who represents the past, whether they are wise or foolish without the understanding that a man’s heritage is not from the past, it is the future lived in the past.

These are many are the ways I am wired up, and I see my mirror in people everyday, young and old, male or female, rich or poor, big or small . . . but none of these was done at my creation but by the people and the environment that shaped my appeal to the world. Therefore, when a man stands out different, even from the failure of the present and the future, he or she is a threat. The righteous is the crucified, the wicked is the celebrated. Why? Because the wicked has learnt to continue the tradition that produce the present chaos of the existence we have come to know as life.

If we must become anything close to our design, attain possibilities and impossibilities alike and truly become the dominion over all that was created; we must learn to build according to purpose, not just possibilities; with sound relationships and not just structured rhetoric. It is high time we begin to deal with the very root of all human problems that has metamorphosed into the varying levels of degradation visible in our world’s today – self.

We must get to a place why we ask ourselves in sincerity, WHY DO WE DO THE THINGS WE DO? If the answer includes only “Me”, ”Myself” and “I”, then there goes the problem itself personified. Anyone can sermonize others to justify such gestures as being constructive to others, because there is appointed time for everyone; but, the purpose of all is known to the Creator of all and He alone determines the time of their manifestations. We have to start seeing the good in each other and become, as we will desire others to become. The best form of message is indeed the life lived.

Though our world would prefer to “Invent” than to “Create” since creation would mean dependency on the knowledge of One that knows more than all and His purpose; we must understand that there is no peace for our world if we continue with the individualistic nature of our civilization. Everyone has to create that which they are endowed and purposed to create in community with others lest, we live like in the jungle as beasts where survival is for the fittest.