A Glimpse into the Future


The future is here. . . Now!


Almost 15 months ago, I was questioned by a friend who asked, “What do you see in the Future?” Sincerely, I was unable to answer the question because I am not a seer, yet I know there is the need for me to discover for myself what the future hold for the community I belong to and I. The following was and is my take and I feel it may inspire you:

These present days are those whose voice speaks volumes; the future of God’s glory as rising upon His church; a time to carefully craft by the hand of the Creator himself, what the young of today, the old of tomorrow will be known for.

As God, in and out of season, manifests His Son in us across generations, the time has come when this manifestation of the Son of God in us will birth redemption for our world . . . Our politics, our economy, our cultures and traditions and the experience of the days of Heaven on Earth.

The future is when God will feel at home both in heaven and on earth and His will be done in both. Behold, the New Dawn!

The new dawn, heralding the much-awaited people of God in every facet of our lives, communication with Heaven is unhindered and whose heart is free of greed . . . a new breed of gems without corruption; truly, those who will win by righteousness at all cost . . .We have seen and heard several inclinations of thoughts and processes of heart but here comes a time when unfaithful men will be afraid to seek public office for righteousness will be rained down – like the latter rain and the former rain will join forces till we are soaked and fruitfulness is inevitable.

For, from within this nation, righteousness is rising to all nations of the earth like the proverbial white meal from the charred black pot. Within this nation of dark-colored people, purity and holiness is evolving and increasing in strength like the new day of this new dawn.

We re not unaware of the responsibilities we have to the kingdom at a time like this, to agree with heaven like David to say, “Let the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen and Amen” (Psalm 72:19b) and also complement our agreement with corresponding actions and appropriate choices until everything reflects God’s glory, not shame. (Habakkuk 2:16a) As God shines in our heart to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 4:5-7, Habakkuk 2:14)

This is then the way: we are going to live right, though it is popular to be wrong; we are going to speak right, though the experienced is wrong; we are going to act right, though we are treated as outcast until the rejected stones become the chief cornerstone. Relentlessly, we are going to establish the kingdom of our God and of His Son, manifesting Him in every way and bringing succor to the streaming number of the sons of men groaning until now for the manifestation of the Son of God in us.

Our lives will be examples of integrity, purpose, excellence and power and clear manifestations of our addiction for God’s kingdom and passion for Jesus until the church is healed of her dross and we can positively influence our nation, beginning with ourselves to change.

This is the beginning of the future . . . it is the new dawn of new experiences, recovery for our lives, the church and the nation, like never before; the true rulership of the princes and princesses of God’s judgments and the peace of our heritage.

Welcome to the new dawn! If you do not wake up to see it and to begin this beautiful day with us, then you are still sleeping . . . your sight is still darkened and there is no light. Just wake up! Open your eyes and see it . . . the day is dawned . . . illumination is here! Joy and brightness envelopes the air and there is no dullness in it. It is God shinning brightly in our heart . . . revelation of the Son, the knowledge of His glory.

Come, come one, come all, come experience this new dawn that the Lord has made in that He spoke it forth and has formed it by His hands and we are calling it forth by His Spirit.