A Note to Gatekeepers


27032011 | 06:49PM


In this peculiar season of the nation-Nigeria, a rebellious son finding his way back to the Father, we are so blessed to have a people who will do the best that there is for the rebuilding of this nation. Much more than common emotions would reveal, concerning the privileges of offices, beneath the pageantry an average citizen sees, is enormous responsibility and work, whose failure will compromise our collective existence as a nation.


Woe betides a city, whose gatekeepers are missing at their posts . . . pain overwhelms the citizenry of such a city whose gatekeepers are asleep or given to reviling when enemies will not cease from lurking in the dark alleys beyond our gates. It is rare privilege therefore to occupy exalted seats at the gates; although, it is not one without sacrifice of many things desired for self.


Its awakened in my heart to bring to your notice at this time, that your oversight at the gates is most needed for the cloud of rain falling upon our land of hills and valleys, flowing with milk and honey, is clearly seen like stars by those without and unto the glory of the harvest about to blossom, will all manner of people be attracted like moth to the light.


Woe betides us as a nation, if the hostility of the seasons of war in which all ills we detest were wiped away remains in our disposition till wise men, bringing wealth; beauty and prosperity are scared away . . . and we grow so careless that our celebration of victory blinded our eyes to the spies who will come also, but with subtlety that will rob us of our inheritance.


Therefore, it is a plea to our gatekeepers to consider this season as that of highest responsibility and purpose in which our supreme purpose, as a nation, is uppermost indeed. In this nation of grace and opportunities, that we have found ourselves, please do not cease to cast your gaze on the horizon, much more than the immediate, for that which will characterize our collective future is bound to appear on the horizon first.


Let your judgments be true and faithful. Put aside your personal inclinations for this collective existence in prosperity will shower greater measure of prosperity on your posterity, if our supreme purpose you seek at all times.


I write this to you, to everyone who represents this nation in all capacities, as a citizen who has confidence in you, regardless of the flaws you may individually possess . . . that our collective dedication and devotion to our collective purpose and safety will produce our collective prosperity when our greatest aspiration will no longer be relevance in the comity of nation, but being an example of purpose fulfilled and transformation that is genuine; not of systems without the people, but of the people, evident in every sphere of our engagement.


When you do this well, the newborn baby can truly hope for a future, our energies can then be used for value while our collective persona is revered and respected globally.