Fate of a Failure


09052011 | 09:21AM


What shall we say, when he that has something valuable to say has no tongue to speak . . . or when the mighty man of valor is reduced to a weakling because his territory has changed? Once he was king; but now, even the vilest slave disdains him, for the same fate challenges them.


When chains and bonds are uniforms and desires are irrelevant. When others determine what, how, where, why and how things are, the coolest of men becomes beast and best of character is really challenged . . . Indeed, no valor is seen until challenges unveil its content and all hope is lost. Then, hope against all hope prevails for an opportunity meeting preparation.


Should we then pray for troubles and problems to reveal our virtues? Or would they manifest by default? Really, it is hard to know what to pray for. True virtue, however, is manifest in humility and patience.


Even a child born on a slave ship, whose mother died for loss of strength and blood, has a destiny in God . . . to become something in God that no one else is capable of being. It is on this premise that I resolve that the valor and virtues we display is not the issue, neither is the troubles that revealed them the matter, the real issue is what purpose they were manifest for.


Indeed, the lack of virtue or valor is not the real issue that determines a man’s success or failure . . . it is actually the measure of the pre-defined purpose that he lived that matters. Troubles can overwhelm him and he may not even have what it takes to be victorious over them, but the victory he must not forfeit is the fulfillment of his purpose. This is the only one there would be rewards for.


Mysteriously though, the cry of the helpless just man is looked upon with grave silence from everyone like they don’t understand his wails. Only if they will speak up in concert, then, so many things would have attest to the existence of justice in the system of this world. Indeed, justice belongs to the LORD and only from Him can anyone get it.




Except the LORD gives justice, every known systems of men will fail as if they were not instituted to ensure justice is served. In all, God is still the Judge, the Lawgiver and the King . . . He alone can save us.