Random Thoughts


30042011 | 02:08PM

There aren’t so many things I understand,

But my greatest Entity of interest is God . . .

I want to know who He really is,

Find definition to many dark spots of life;

For in Him is light and clarity.

Then, when in Him I am found,

My wailings and pains will be over,

Every ambiguity will find character,

My soul rejoicing in unequalled peace and joy.

Daily as I quest for meaning,

Its gradually becoming more vivid to me,

The things that really matter

As every bold and evident ones fade into oblivion,

For my essence is hid in Him.

Of what value is a testimony,

Without the testament and the testifier?

Of what matter is the rumblings of troubled mind,

Whose composition is divine beyond thoughts?

For it cannot think if He who puts it together was not thinking,

Therefore, thought is valueless without the Creator of the thinker of thoughts.

May my soul find rest in Him, In whom there is no shadow of turning,

Whose words and hands created and formed the wonders we now behold,

And kill each other to possess,

May I become peaceful and graceful as I was designed to be.