The Glory as in the Beginning: The Accurate Order for Sustainable Development


PART FIVE | 30062012 | 03.55AM

Note: The Church, as defined BY WEBSTER’S New Explorer Encyclopedic Dictionary, 2006 Edition, is the clergy or officialdom of a religious body (not just Christianity); also, a body of organization of religious believers. (Emphasis mine)

Who is a legitimate son? Who are the hired ones? In God’s house, there are always two kinds: ‘the son and the servants’; ‘the son and the hirelings’ and ‘the son and the strangers’. One is consistent with these three – the son. In a house, the son interfaces with the servants, the hirelings and the strangers.

In the same manner . . . Nigeria’s interactions with other nations are in these forms; he relates with some as servants, others as hirelings and some as strangers. Indeed, these three dimensions of relationship are what define the differences between the sons and every other. Although, by design, all nations are one of these four, God has created Nigeria as a son and though he fails or falters, God will see him as one and restore him back to order.


These nations are those whose heart is not connected to the LORD God Almighty at all; they have refused the possibility of walking or working with God; instead, they are merely in existence for the wages. These nations’ language of expression is exchange. They have numbers and are ready to do anything for others in exchange for their needs. They are servants! In their diplomatic relationships, they only have peace with those from whom they get their wages unhindered. They only give so they can get back.

Unfortunately, the servant nations are gradually changing their ways and becoming trustworthier than the sons. They are now gradually becoming like the sons, while the sons are loving and choosing the ways of the servants. When relating with these nations, Nigeria is supposed to know their stature and relate with them as such but he goes out to them, begging as a slave . . . seeking assistance, when there are treasures in God’s house untapped! What manner of son is Nigeria, bringing shame to God; always at the mercies of servant nations?


These nations are those who have gained stature and exposure for their work and are confident and proud of it. They relate with other nations from the standpoint of strength. When hired, they are not exactly interested in the wellbeing of the nation that called them; instead, they seek opportunity to extend their influencetheir territory and power in order to decide what happens and what does not.

When they see danger coming, they simply flee or protect their investment. This is because they don’t regard other people’s things as worth their contribution. When relating with nations, their interest is paramount and selfishness with greed is the center of their pursuit. When Nigeria relates with these nations, he commits his gates to them and goes to sleep. He puts his priced jewels in their hands and sits in his chambers awaiting returns. So they plunder him and give him false hope that all is well without intimating him with the dangers coming that he may act. When they do, it is to produce panic so that the stampede of the fold may break the walls of the fold and straying herds will legitimately become prey.

What kind of son is Nigeria, whose heart feasts on false hope, the head spinning in fantasies of unrealistic goals, while the body languishes in poverty, pain and despondency? The churches are feasting on false hope of everything being well; the leadership amusing itself with unrealistic expectations, while the citizens are dying in poverty, pains, sicknesses and hopelessness . . . Nigeria, you gave your land to hirelings!


Within the daily operations in God’s house, the strangers are not usually a feature; but once in a while, they come around to see for themselves, of the news they heard afar off. Their ways are unknown, their culture and lifestyle are strange as well but because of their edge of difference and obvious affluence, reflecting in their cloaks, they are treated with uttermost respect, honor and dignity.

When welcomes in, they gradually infiltrates the house with their doings from their homes and though they seek no wage or control of the house, they will soon turn the house into a shadow of itself. Their bargain is cultural! Is this not the way they had come and changed the way Nigeria does things away from how God has commanded Nigeria to do things? They have changed the way he eats, the way he dresses, the way he worships and the way he does practically everything because they seem to have a stature worth emulating.

Indeed, all that they present is not what they possess; they are like fleas and lice, they latch on and feed on him till they have infiltrated him with their seeds and ways. Soon enough, he will no longer have his own identity. Like a flea, they must be washed away and stopped; at the most, sent away too their own territories. Then, peace will return.

When Nigeria relates with these nations, he presents himself as the big brother and while he is overlooking many things, he is being sucked dry, while these strangers are causing internal fights and rumblings. What manner of foolishness is this on display because he seeks praise?

By design, from the beginning, the LORD God Almighty gave Nigeria all that is needed in Time, Men and Resources, even in finances . . . It has been lost by relationships with these three kind of nations. God has more in Hid storehouses, but Nigeria must return to the design as it was meant to be. The Servant will no longer be exploitative of him; the Hirelings will no longer usurp his sanity, while the Stranger will no longer infiltrate his lands.

Nigeria, your glory is not in size or appearance, but the quality of your people. The LORD God Almighty is committed to your deliverance; it will begin from the heart, to the head and then the body would testify to it. PEACE!

ENDNOTES: The Nigerian prayer must be that God, as our Father and shepherd should SHINE FORTH! He should stir up His strength; come and save us! This we must do while God’s restorative process will last. No righteous man would suffer loss in any form, except the loss of evil things.