The Glory of Fallen Angels: The Shame of Herd's Hirelings


PART TWO | 28062012 | 09.17PM

Note: The Church, as defined BY WEBSTER’S New Explorer Encyclopedic Dictionary, 2006 Edition, is the clergy or officialdom of a religious body (not just Christianity); also, a body of organization of religious believers. (Emphasis mine)

This time, the LORD God Almighty, would make distinction between those who are His and those that are not! In recent times, people now no longer can tell the difference between those who are upright and those who had fallen . . . for they have glories too. There are so many voices out there, speaking different things that seem like they are from God but far from Him. These words and the voices behind them are followed with signs and wonders; they even demonstrate some sort of powers. So, therein lies the confusion.

No more will God’s people from the East to the West, the North to the South be confused about God, for in clarity, it would become clear to everyone who God is!


These ones are those, who sometime ago spoke for God, lived for Him and represented Him accurately so much that God blessed them with all kinds of necessary gifts to make their work more effective and successful. Somewhere, along the line, they slipped and began to desire things God did not provide and walked in paths He did not mark out for them.

When they began to change their ways, their followers have no clue there is a change coming in their direction; they still sealed every endeavor with God’s name but have stayed far from Him because they desire strange things. These are the angels, whose positions are still maintained but their posture is corrupted.

Now and then, they speak as from God, yet they are servants of the devil. Their idolatry transcends that of their followers; yet, they have become so familiar with God. They perceive instead of prophesying, they propose instead of praying and they promote instead of preaching the word God gave them from the onset. Instead of learning more and more of God, they are gathering relational skills, learning more and more about the people and speaking to meet their needs; not communication God’s heart. Indeed, they abound so many that it is now more difficult to locate those who are truly following the LORD God Almighty.


Glory is the bringing into fulfillment, of the things that has been said or written. So they speak and it comes to pass, as spoken, yet they are far from God. Yes! God had said the proof of a voice from Him is the fulfillment of the word . . . I say to you, it is beyond that! A voice from God has the following characteristics and it has nothing in resemblance of what people has understood it to be:

1. It is not an opinion, it is the truth;

2. It establishes justice because of its context, not the content;

3. Its performance is by God . . . not a manipulation of the situation to produce the said;

4. Its timing is different from conventional ones, but its season is always accurate;

5. Only God can say such things. If it can be said by anyone else, why would God be the One saying it?

Now, these things are not present in the glories of these angels because they have lost their capacity to repent. They have become conditioned to wrongdoing and it no longer bothers them. These saboteurs knows that the only way to be believed and followed is if what is said comes to pass as spoken; so, they utilize the defense of money to make happen everything it can; even when God did not order it. When it transcends the financial realm, they manipulate, hypnotize and excite the people to bring their words to pass.

Let the Nigerian people know that not everyone who said a thing and it comes to pass is from the LORD God Almighty . . . In the days ahead, many words would fall to the ground; but, even those sanding are not necessarily from God. To believe every word they speak is to expose us to perils of their fallen state. God is not with them! Thought they still perform miracles and they have built kingdoms out of the work God had put in their hearts at the beginning, they are not with God. God already left them! However, this is not a call to rebellion in God’s house because no bigger wrong can correct a smaller wrong or vice versa . . . God will rid Himself of them in His own way when the time comes. Their remembrance would be great sorrow and shame.

This is the LORD God Almighty’s verdict: their glory would become shame and they would become exposed; even to their most secret lives. They would be attended to in public squares, revealed and exposed to people that are regarded as nonentities like Samuel was to the house of Eli. If they repent and change their ways quickly, The LORD God Almighty will heal their backsliding and greater works they will do for God; but, if otherwise, they will see God’s hand of judgment that will bring correction to these things.

The days are coming and they are here . . . when people will become afraid to be called a prophet or a priest because the LORD God Almighty will so sanctify them for His needs. PEACE! To these fallen angels, who are trying to take God’s place, speaking thing that He has not said and using powers that are not given by Him, this is the end! In the midst of their days, disaster will strike them, take away all that they ad gloried in and leave them to see the repayment of their evil deeds. They will be clothed in shame; their gladiatorium, where they perform every worship meeting, will become desolate and non-patronized. For the LORD God Almighty will cause a new king to rise, who will not honor anyone without integrity from God. He will command their end and the LORD God Almighty will watch with amusement as their sheep becomes scattered.

Indeed, the LORD God Almighty will gather their sheep into another fold, and give them pastors who will nurture them with God’s word and truth; protecting them from wolves like the ones they were with before. A great wind approaches! A wind that will blow away all falsehood and clean up the house of God with a swipe of dexterity until everywhere near and around would become habitable. No more will deceptive ones have a voice in God’s house and God’s people will know great peace.

Those who have turned God’s house to a place for jamboree, a place to incite anger and wickedness and all evils driven by self . . . God will visit them also and send them packing. Henceforth, those sanctuaries will be places of true worship. God will be glad to come and fellowship with them and His glory will need no gymnastics or drama to manifest. Let it be known that God will keep His house holy and pure and sanctified. His house is not a mechanic’s workshop like it is being described; it is the sanctuary of the LORD God Almighty . . . His house!

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