The Great City Ruled by Toddlers: Leadership and the Deficiency of Stature


PART THREE | 29062012 | 06.02AM

Note: The Church, as defined BY WEBSTER’S New Explorer Encyclopedic Dictionary, 2006 Edition, is the clergy or officialdom of a religious body (not just Christianity); also, a body of organization of religious believers. (Emphasis mine)

Ecclesiastes 4 : 13, 10 : 16, 11 : 5, Jeremiah 44 : 4-5

This great city, whose beginning God made as it was because He sought another center for His heart among nations; but has become a den of thieves and robbers, a shadow of evil feared everywhere because they decided to follow the dictates of their own evil heart and no one listened to God. Nigeria, a fashion of God’s beauty, carefully placed where it is to bring God sons who will become His representation to nations of the earth; to show them, in clarity, the things that eluded them, has now become this great disaster because they seek to look and become like other nations instead of other nations becoming like him.

What indeed is the problem with this city? Yes! He is not with a people of common language and he is not with a single religion. Is there anything different from the rest of the world? Even Israel that God has chosen could not stop serving different idols and gods. God was furious with them and He made them desolate. Is that actually a peculiarity to Nigeria? Though there are many religions and many approaches to looking for God, it is still not the problem with Nigeria as a nation . . . it is the dictates of the heart! Hearts are perverted and no one seeks the truth in its entirety; people want the part of God that is convenient! Selective obedience!

As a son, Nigerian heart (the churches – spiritual gatherings) are not listening to God anymore, they are only following what seems right or wrong to their heart. When God says a word to them, they weigh it upon their hearts’ dictates; n one listens to God. Therefore, their kings and princes are babies . . . they are being ruled by toddlers, whose maturity is untested.

Do not be mistaken; God speaks to Nigeria clearly. He has spoken from the lips of His prophets; and when it is heard, some make it a denominational affair, others make it a religious affair, and then political persuasions come into it. Hasn’t God spoken clear enough on issues of integrity, development and love; yet, no one has listened. In the last election, God gave two men, whose integrity is unrivaled and unquestionable . . . the dictate of Nigeria’s heart (the churches) rejected them . . . one on religious ground, the other on sentiment’s ground. Nigeria chose a vessel that seems right, but refused to acknowledge God’s provision . . . like Jerusalem did to Jesus. How else would God help this son, whose heart is compromised?

Any nation, whose development would continue unhindered must be one whose Heart (the spiritual gatherings) pursue after righteousness and justice without fear and favor; the Head (leadership) is composed of seasoned men and women of stature (not of education and exposure, but of relationship by process with God that has developed requisite capacity to effect change) and the Body (citizenry) that is willing and yielded to God; active, yet undefiled by the deceitfulness of riches; a citizenry, whose god is not their throat and bellies.

Nigeria’s failure is not from lack of opportunity or absence of resources, but from a systemic error in his heart, his head and the body. Without doubt, the failure of the heart to retain its integrity, as visible all around, has produced a head whose stature is feeble and dwarfed. Indeed, every character of a toddler is evident in them:

1. They lack vision. They are full of dreams, which are many pieces in no concert with each other; so, they cannot have a vision.

2. They have been through nothing; so they have experienced nothing . . . they are too green.

3.  They have unreasonable desires . . . that lead them into doing counter-productive things.

4. They are feasting and playing when they should be conquering and strengthening themselves. They eat to merry.

5. They have no character for character is built through fire and they have avoided every avenue to be refined. Some of them were shielded through life by parents, so they have learnt nothing; those who are not are driven by greed for gain to prove a meaningless point to others . . .

In all the institutions that define leadership, there are toddlers at the helm of affairs. They are not necessarily babies by age, they are just unseasoned men who has not learned anything from life; driven by greed for gain, inordinate desire for thing that destroys; ambitiously driven by lust and pride.


There is no undoing of the evil deeds that were already done . . . the toddlers can chose to be guided by men of stature that God has already appointed and be subject to their guidance, not their leadership, for God alone can lead the way to salvation for Nigeria.

1. It will begin from the heart. God will come and take Nigeria to surgery if he does not go to Him on time because of His mercies. He will heal his heart of the great distress in it. This implies, God will come to the churches, purify them, beginning from the Prophets and the Priests.

2. Then, God will appoint those who are His to the Princes as guides, to mentor them to stature since they are already on the throne.

3. Thereafter, the LORD God Almighty will cause the Princes to lead the people in the way He pleases; to order their ways, as He wants it and bring the citizenry to alignment.

Then, He would have restored to us an ordered nation, whose development would be evident to all other nations of the earth.

Do not be mistaken; these men of stature within the church are not any of the gladiators and fallen angels we see now parading as wondering stars . . . A new breed, God is fashioning them at the moment. These ones are not corrupted by the ills going on in the sanctuary and they will be in communication with God always. If these toddlers don’t leave the throne and they are not subject to guidance from these men of stature coming . . . there is no end to the mess and chaos that Nigeria would know . . . Indeed, there will be no future in view!

Let it be known that most spiritual leaders are out of sync with God and God is giving the headship of this nation guidance from the men of stature coming . . .

Behold! Here they come! The present dexterity and excellence of the fallen angels will not cloud over them; their light will shine so brightly and they will not be hindered. Let the head of Nigeria be humble and willing to be guided; for they are toddlers, whose days are numbered if they will not grow in stature.

To the Prophets and Priests, who repent and return to their first love, I will retain and give them stature to guide heads into stature. To the Head in leadership, which are privileged, but are toddlers, humility and discipline will bring them to stature. Finally, to the Body of citizenry, there is actually order for all things and their whims and desires is not always the noble one. They will be well ordered by the heads in stature. This is God’s answer to the dilemma of this great city, whose rulers are toddlers.

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