The Heart of this Son – Nigeria: State of the Church


PART ONE | 28062012 | 04.00AM

1. The church, as defined BY WEBSTER’S New Explorer Encyclopedic Dictionary, 2006 Edition, is the clergy or officialdom of a religious body (not just Christianity); also, a body of organization of religious believers. (Emphasis mine)

Like a son, every nation is born to God and though they seem like the creation of someone of stature and power, they are God’s. In nations, like in men, they have the choice to decide which way to go; to obey God’s word and do according to the commandments He gave or to follow the dictates of their evil heart. Yes! God loves Nigeria, but he is a straying son!


While so many gladiators speak as from God and parade themselves as people whose words are with power; God alone reserves all the powers. The constitution of most democratic nations, like the capacity of the brain of a man, gives power to the people; but indeed, the LORD God Almighty is the giver of all powers! The people in any nation do not have power because some statesmen gathered and, in agreement, decided to give such powers. When the end will come to such powers . . . disagreement would come and in unison, as it was at the beginning of the nation, the powers are reduced, removed or redirected.

Therefore, let it be known (not just believed) to everyone in Nigeria that all power belongs to the LORD God Almighty. Let no one ascribe power to the people because that would make them idols and the end of idols is fire, consuming fire!

From the beginning of democracy, as a form of government, nations had began to err because they tried to execute the government structure in heaven, but ascribed power to the people. The structure of ‘the Kingship, the Lawgiver and the Judge’ is heavenly and perfect, but the head of all and giver of power must be the LORD God Almighty. This is bound to fail because the people’s center of operations (the heart) is desperately wicked; thus, their use of the power would propagate wickedness. Jeremiah 17 : 9-10


As cells make the building block of the body, the people are the cells making the body of a nation; their coming together to perform and operate in a particular manner makes them a tissues, then the organs, then the whole body. For a nation, the heart is those, whose connection with heaven places them in the most hidden yet vantage position in the nation. These are those regarded as God’s servant and by extension the religious system of a nation – the Church. Remember, church is not referring to Christianity alone. Like the heart of a man, when something goes right or wrong in the heart, everything eventually becomes the product of the state of the heart.

Nigeria’s heart (church) is broken and bruised; yet the nation has refused to go to the Physician with sincerity to be healed. When Nigeria goes seeking the Physician, he withholds the truth and deals with the Physician with falsehood. Though a bodily pain continues, as the entire body (citizenry) is experiencing now, the head (leaders) is too sick to assure the body everything will be well. Nigeria continues to everything like all is well and has not visited the Physician. This implies that though poverty continues, violence and despondency remains, and the body cells (the people) are losing their lives literarily and otherwise, the constitution (brain) with the head, cannot assure the citizenry that all will be well.

Meanwhile, all this is going on because the heart, from where the cells receive life and momentum, has failed. Nigeria suffers from blood pressure manifesting as racial strife, violence, religious unrest, terror, as well as many other fall-outs in general health; yet, he still walks like all is well. If Nigeria will not visit the Physician, to heal his heart, head and body, it will suffer stroke someday! Evidently, this stroke would mean paralysis and inevitable loss of use of vital organs of his body . . . when this happens, he becomes unfit to rule God’s house and unfit to approach God too. Except the LORD God Almighty comes to him and heals his diseases by himself, his condition continues . . .

This is the situation with Nigeria: he has refused to go to the Physician with sincerity and though the heart is yearning for the Physician to come and bring healing to all his diseases, the head has no room for the Physician to think about Him and thus instruct the whole body to take a physical step of action to actually go to the Physician. The Heart is the Church, the Head is the Leadership in Government and the Body is the entire citizenry of Nigeria.

The heart no longer has room for righteousness in itself, thus its failure has led to little or no supply of blood (life) to the head. As a result, the head no longer sees well with the eyes, no longer hears well with the ears, no longer speaks right with a wholesome tongue and no longer is he breathing well because the nostrils are blocked. Because of all this, the body is sick to death, also at great risk of destruction perpetually since Nigeria is now a blind, deaf, dumb and asthmatic patient, struggling to make sense of existence, talk less of living as a nation. In all of these, the source of the problem is the church – the Heart of Nigeria. Therefore, if healing must come to Nigeria, it must begin with the heart. Though the efforts towards restoring the body continue and everything is seemingly being administered at the same time, the center of its effectiveness is the church.

What then is going on in the churches? Why are there so many crises with the body? Where are these pressures coming, rupturing the heart (church) and seeming like a healthy life is a mirage?

1. The people in churches now have ownership of what is God’s . . . these organizations, operating as churches, has now given themselves power to administer God’s church as they please.

2. The church in its entirety (all religious inclinations) has chosen to whore; they prefer idols and gods who are none to the LORD God Almighty . . . it would rather embrace death than life, violence than peace, wickedness instead of righteousness.  The LORD God Almighty has continually called out to them to repentance but it has refused to hearken unto Him.

3. The LORD God Almighty has been shut out of the heart (church) and the gates are closed against Him in the head (leadership) while the body (people) is now a prisoner in its own land.

Alas, the church keeps saying they are praying for God to step in . . . the Christians are fasting, gathering and asking God to come and heal Nigeria; the Muslims are doing prayers as well, seeking that God should intervene in situations going on in the body, but God has been shut out for the gates are closed.

Every sphere of affair in Nigeria is a gate: Economy, Entertainment, Social, Education, Culture, Labor etc., these spheres are manned by ministers and headed by men and women with whom God has little or no access. These gates are thus closed and even if God should have mercy, and decides to come into Nigeria, to heal him, how is he supposed to come in? If God comes in notwithstanding, wouldn’t He be breaking down the walls, removing the gates completely along with the gatekeepers? If God would come in without a way made ready for Him, wouldn’t He have to send earthmovers and weed-removers to go ahead of Him to clear up the weeds and the mess that already makes stink and shame out of the land?

This day, the LORD God Almighty sets before us two options:




The first option is that the church would return and know (not just acknowledge) that God owns His church and no one should lay claim on it anymore. What manner of servants would usurp their Master’s power of ownership because He is not physically present just to score a point? They are thieves and robbers.

Also, let the whoring heart (church) return to God. Yes! It has gone wild and its desires and interests are no longer God’s and it is shameful now that it is in the streets, . . . Let the heart return, for the house is unkempt and the whole place smells of stink. The LORD God Almighty cannot come into this filth! He is homesick. The church must rise and clean up itself and the house; else, God will send the ‘cleaners’, who will not mind its beauty and honor, which has already turned to shame.

Finally, the gatekeepers should open the gates so that God may come into Nigeria. It is the only peaceful way. Let those who are at the helms of affairs in Nigeria and every other nations open the nations to God and He will come and take charge of them. Psalm 24 : 1-10 Enough of eye-service and similitude of palace that is devoid of honor. Let the Kings and their Princes know that the gates require their commands to open.

However, When God comes in, He is not coming to dine and wine with the Prophets, Priests and Princes, neither is He coming in peace to those who are responsible for the present . . . Instead, He has come to war with the them, to bring salvation to His people. It begins withthe Prophets that has become winds, whose nights are now without vision; then the Priests, whose greed for gain and unrighteous accomplishments perpetuates unrighteousness and injustice and then the Princes, whose drunkenness with power has left them beside themselves, lacking vision, purpose and servitude that this season requires.


The other option is to ignore God’s voice and continue everything as usual. Then, the LORD God Almighty will come and turn everywhere upside down. He will seize Nigeria and put him on admission in His hospital, rip open His chest, expose the heart (church) and perform surgery on it, while the whole world watches. Then, He will rip open the head (leadership) too and remove the tumors and cancerous portions in it so that he can be well again. By the time He is done, He would be all-new, but the scars would remain.

If Nigeria’s transport to God has to be the ambulance, these surgeries are inevitable! But if he comes by himself . . . in the process of time, he can be healed, beginning from the heart. Either way, God will preserve Nigeria, for His name’s sake. God loves him dearly and His name is upon him. The choice is our!

Continued at PART TWO | 28062012 | 09.17PM

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