The Way Out for the Elect: How the Just Shall Live by Faith


PART FOUR | 30062012 | 12.03AM

Note: The Church, as defined BY WEBSTER’S New Explorer Encyclopedic Dictionary, 2006 Edition, is the clergy or officialdom of a religious body (not just Christianity); also, a body of organization of religious believers. (Emphasis mine)

To what end is Nigeria created? For what reason will it be spared from becoming history? When will the inhabitants and those named by it realize that their context is dependent on the stature of the nation? The collective well being of a nation is a possibility; it has happened before, it will happen again!

In the midst of violence, despondency and upheavals that has left many with great apprehension, two things are important:

1. A living hope that it can be all right again

2. A change of heart and thus change of all others.

Therefore, Nigeria can be saved, it can be changed and it can be great again because God is interested in him. Why? Why would God be interested in a nation that has refused to acknowledge Him, a people that has not learnt their lessons in any way? To what end is He interested? Is God only interested because some are still true towards Him . . . and thought there is a propagation of being through to one’s self, these ones still corporately seek Him? Indeed, for their sake and for His name’s sake He will spare; for their sake, He will keep doing the required.


First, these elect are not those selectively chosen by God, because He partially prefers some to the others; they are no people preferred because of quality or orientation. Instead, they are the elect because they made choices for righteousness and justice . . . they chose to God’s bidding, even when it is so difficult to do. They are non-compromising non-conformists, whose minds are daily renewed by God and their meditation are on God always. So, let no one think that God is a partial Judge . . . He has made it available to everyone who believes.

The elect are elected of grace; grace, being the degree to which mankind is at peace with God. This implies they are in the know and are covered because they re at peace with God. They have a cordial relationship with God. Simply put, they know the way out because they know God. The way out for the elect is to continue in fellowship with God. Daily, God will guide and lead them to do things and to stop doing things; to go and not to go; to make and to break; to build and to pull down; as well as to listen and to shut their gates. The way out is not a principle, it is not a set of actions or behaviors; it is not a pattern to follow . . . It is a Person – The LORD God Almighty Himself!

If God were to make a way out of any of these things, soon enough, some will take ownership of it and they would become selective in judgment. Integrity will soon start to become missing in the execution of the way. People would soon start to use it with the evil in their heart. So, it is none of those things. ” I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life” This is it! Therefore, if anyone is seeking the way out in this season, let him or her seek God. When people dwell where God is, they will find answers to all questions, safety from all pestilence and dangers of the day. In God is all things kept for everyone who’s elected by grace to stay with God.


God is not far! Indeed He is near. His ears are open and His eyes go to and fro. He is indeed present at all times. But why is He so far away from the heart of Nigeria. Why is He so unknown to people and nations; yet, so ill-spoken of? He cannot be found for He is not sought with the whole heart. Nigeria’s heart (the churches) are seeking God but cannot find Him because only some are, the rest are still interested in something else – prosperity, protection, promotion, power etc.

Therefore, let the church in Nigeria come as one, a wholesome one, remove the filth from among them, beginning from the leadership within the church and it will find God . . . hopefully, it will do as God will command. Also, let individuals come with a whole heart, not ones divided and shared with ambition, greed, grief etc. When they both come in this manner, God will be found and what to do will be known; until then, it will not!

Let those gathering be gathered unto God alone, not unto themselves; no longer should the meetings be reduced to talk shows, motivational gatherings and networking events. God is to be worshipped and that does not require any of the complexities; just a grateful heart, a ready heart and a listening ear. When people come wholly, God will lead them by the way and path of righteousness and nourishment; they will be well fed and nurtured. This is God’s position and counsel to those who have and will chose righteousness above wickedness. There are no answers in the Prophets, the Priests or the Princes, but in God for He is the Lawgiver, He is the Judge and He is the King; only He can save!

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