To What End?


17072012 | 08:35PM

Many times when people do things, the results are the basis for our judgment. We look at it as either good or bad because of what it presents as benefits. Often times, no matter how noble an action is, we often find it described as not good enough because some individual objectives are not met. There comes the dilemma! How may we measure an action, free of prejudice and misgivings?

I have found these in my recent dealings, especially with the system called National Youth Service Corps; and though good men abounds in their own right, many wonderful development of the Nigerian future may be unrealized because of these two things called envy and self-seeking. I’m forced to infer that when dealing with established systems, whose functioning structure one is not familiar with; one should regard himself or herself as one, who has gone to battle without armor . . . surviving the sands of the war would be sheer luck or God’s everlasting mercies.

There will be no need to lament over the result that will manifest because the owners don’t care anyway; just know that to the best of your capacity and in truthfulness and sincerity of heart, you have disposed yourself as unto God.

Indeed, reward cannot be given by anyone, whose heart is not inclined to the ultimate reward of being a vessel to bring hope to others, making God real to dying souls and giving life, even when it is not convenient . . . instead, their judgment would be mere sensual parade of self.

The conclusion of the whole matter is this: the result from a venture is not the most important thing, the heart and the intent behind the actions is!