Preys of Glory


20062012 | 04:05PM

While wondering what true glory means and its clear scriptural definition being devalued and unacceptable . . . one may continue to look at the myriad of things that lined the way to pomp and glory as the world’s interest continues to grow in these things. The Preacher had said that wisdom is valueless when a man is poor, especially because it is perceived that if he is wise, it should translate into material and physical achievements.

However, with all the contradictory vibes one get from both the sacred and secular quarters, one keeps wondering if anything is glorious without result. Personally, I have listened to preachers preach and cite examples of people like Van Gohr, the famous painter, who sold only one painting in his lifetime, only to become one of the world’s best artists posthumously, whose paintings are now worth million in US Dollars; yet, same vessels have condemned the personalities and voices of those who trails a path such as his. I have also heard people say: “follow your dreams” and the same voices echoing a different tune of “until you contribute financially, you are worth nothing”. It is so confusing how confused those who are meant to guide are; how polarized in knowledge are those who are meant to be teachers; and how lusterless are the virtues and valor of those who are meant to motivate. Do we really have people to look up to? It’s a subject matter for another day.

While my concerns are restricted to those whose lives have become a mirage because they seek glory, I cannot but emphasize the role of the supposed ‘givers of glory’ and the ‘destiny helpers’ as often called in the circles of the Pentecostals. But, I would restrict myself to the man with a dream; that man who is seeking fulfillment and the glory that comes with it . . .

What Does Glory Mean?

According to the Scriptures, it is the fulfillment of words (spoken or written). This implies that if anyone makes pronouncements ahead of time, by words or deeds; the fulfillment of it is the manifestation of glory! Therefore, the glory of the LORD would be the manifestation of the words of the LORD (spoken or written). Also, the glory of man would be that his declaration in words or deed are brought to manifestation i.e. he promised to be rich in life and he eventually becomes rich; he promised to conquer in a battle and he got the victory; she promised to have three children by age thirty and it was so . . .

The crux of this is that in the bringing to fulfillment of what is said, how many things, people or places gets conquered, destroyed, raped, cheated and so on? I have come to understand that this world is driven by results but results, in itself, are merely positive responses to words. So, if people will not readily respond positively to good thoughts, plans, gestures, dreams etc., to what extent do we go to ensure we get result?

In the corporate world, when the executives demand results and are not interested in the processes, we see the deployment of myriads of unjust means to get the results. In religious circles, for the glory of being a large and international congregation, we have witnessed unspeakable degree of extortion, unbiblical practices, wickedness and insensitivity personified in the leaders, with obvious impunity. Islamic fundamentalism has risen with some unleashing terror and violence on innocent people in the name of results, as they have understood it to be.

Furthermore, in the smallest unit of society – the family, the demand for result and glory has resulted in fierce sibling rivalries, unhealthy competition and more. Many times, the exit of the parents, who are usually the binding factor, would reveal the rot within the family as fights, envy and self-seeking begin to manifest. These children, when in school, knowing they must produce results that are commendable, will do practically anything to get it . . . a visit to our secondary schools and tertiary institutions would convince anyone! Nowadays, there is nothing that cannot happen for a student to get results required; everything but the righteous means, being sound study.

In all of these systems, even in government, one thing is consistent; we have lost the value for process and integrity (not reputation), both being a product of time. How many more lives are we going to lose to get results? How many more futures are we going to truncate to be glorious? How many more beauties are we going to destroy to be noticed and seen as relevant? How long will the philosophy of “some must go down for others to rise” be our favorite? Who gave us the concept of “levels”, “heights”, and “positions” that has framed our minds and hearts towards warring and conquering for glory? How many friends must we lose to get to the top?

Indeed, glory is from the LORD . . . I mean true glory! The glory of man is like that of a flower that appears at the scent of water and dries away at the scorch of heat. Why would you settle for such glory? The glory of God is eternal, for His word is eternal! Therefore true glory is becoming who God says we are . . . and that had little or nothing to do with material wealth and riches.

Therefore, if the glory you seek is eternal, it would have to be God’s glory and it does not require preying others to attain. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne . . . So, He rewards by bringing to pass what He has spoken. His hands would perform what His mouth had spoken. Discover what He has spoken concerning you and your situations, wait for Him and wait on Him. Stay with GOD!