So, its Father's Day


I received a call today. . . One of those type of calls I really look forward to receiving! 🙂 In closing , the caller said “Happy Father’s Day”. . . To say the least, it never occurred to me that I am already a father! Do not get me wrong, I understand the implication of that statement, but I consider being a father a responsibility rather than a position.

So, this same greeting is echoed in every place on this planet earth today! Fathers, its indeed your day. Celebrate!

As usual, I am beginning with my questions: What happened to people (male or female) who are in fatherly roles, yet they have no sons or daughters? What happened to mothers who are fathers, mothers and siblings, all put together in one? How about first sons and daughter who are already fathers, from their tender age, not just to their own families coming on the way, but to their present family where the progenitor has resolved to let his crisis cripple him?

Surely, as the day would come after the night, a bright day would come after all trouble, if we do not despair. . .So, fathers must rise, do for your family what is required of you! If you do not, you would unnecessarily burden the lives of those who should receive succor from you.

Sometime though, necessities and life’s situation can make fathers out of people outside of the family because of responsibilities they take on on behalf of the real father. But then, is the head of the family meant to lose all his dignity because of his inability to provide as much as needed? Not having enough funds should not diminish a real father who defends and cares for his home, within his means.

As with those who pride themselves in being spiritual fathers to people they have no visible responsibility over; those, to whom they spare no time in prayers or moment in giving attention; a rethink and review of such self-imposed honor is imperative! Fatherhood is responsibility, as with physical fatherhood, they need your time more than your words; more than even your money! Truth be told, fathering a multitude is self-deception! You can only father a handful.

I celebrate every father today and always. I celebrate those filling in for them while the original ones are getting their acts together. To would-be fathers,  prepare for the honor of fatherhood. . . it is well able to give you fulfillment in life. To mothers, who help father to be fathers, I salute you!  To those mothers, who take up their husband’s responsibilities instead of helping their husband to gain capacity to do their many responsibilities; I admonish you to reconsider and review your strategy. . .you need not live life the hard way.

To Olori Olamide, I celebrate you for helping me to be a father. 🙂