What is Value Worth?


During the course of last week, I had conversations with a couple of friends. One of them stood out because it was really energetic! What, in God’s name, were we discussing?! As it is custom to me, I usually begin with questions, in a bid to set the premise for the conversation. This time, I had only one question – “Why do two entities, with relatively same quality or characteristics, provoke different responses from two different environments?

Two gas station attendants, attending to same customer, selling the same fuel, at the same price would most likely receive different response from the same customer. A millionaire in one country may be well below the prosperity line in another country. The list goes on and on. . .

I have found that worth is what changes with the environment and circumstances, value remains the same wherever it is.

Same weight of gold may be different worth and prices, depending on its state of processing and presentation; the same weight of gold, still in the earth, has the same value as the one displayed in exotic jewelry shop.

You may not be worth as much as you were when you lived among your own people, because you now live abroad, but your value is still the same. Therefore, it is more important to gain value instead of worth. Value stays with you when your circumstances redefines your worth. Just in case you are not regarded as a high net-worth individual . . . that does not diminish your value! Just make sure that in the end, when all is said and done, you are really a valuable individual.

What are the things that define your value? They begin with your identity, then your knowledge (who and what); then your skills, followed by your expertise (practised skills). Also, your experience is vital; coupled with your character.

So, when you are faced with life, first establish your identity, which is who you are; when you have opportunity to be educated, do not merely pass exams, know something and someone; when you are faced with real life moments, do not just show off your dexterity, gain skills and practise the skill by tackling real problems and you would become an expert. Indeed, everything you are going through, the good, the bad and the ugly are all part of your beautiful story; become enriched in character by it. Do not let your crisis cripple your progress in life; gain character through it!

In the end, your value is what truly matter, not your worth! Some people were worth billions yesteryear; today, they are worth less than a tenth of it! become valuable as you seek to increase your worth also.