Leaking Lamps


A couple of weeks ago, I was visited by a Pastor. He came on a courtesy visit, perhaps to win another church member. 🙂 In the middle of our conversations, sharing God’s word and more . . . he said something so alarming! “If someone told me you could quote a verse of the Scriptures, I would never have believed it”, he blurted out! When he found out that I am not just able to quote a verse of the Bible, I actually pastor a church; the conversation changed entirely!

To be sincere, I was a little worried. I had to think again to be sure my dispositions do not portray me wrongly; perhaps, my sanctification is needing attention. Then, he said: “I though you are just a businessman, with a simple family”. Hearing that, my peace returned. Apparently, being a business man and being a righteous and God-fearing man do not mix for a lot of people; but how was I supposed to provide for my home if I am not doing business? Is anything wrong with the Father’s business becoming my business? There goes my questions again . . .  please bear with me. Well, what most Christian business people has not been able to satisfactorily do is making God’s business their business without commercializing the word of God and merchandising the free gifts of God. That, indeed, is a conversation for another day.

Today, my emphasis is in the disposition of a God-man in the society. Have you ever heard someone saying something like: “I am Pastor So, So and So”, like a man I gave a lift from Lagos to Ibadan today, who when asked to please say what is in his bag before I give him a lift, brought out a Bible as said “I am Pastor  . . .  “; or something like, “I am a Pastor . . . I cannot cheat you” or “I am a Christian . . . I cannot cheat you”, only for you to realize in the end that you have been duped? What is it with trying to use one’s relationship with God or religious affiliation to gain integrity?

Consider a kerosene lamp with oil in the tank and light burning on its wick. Would you need to see the kerosene oil, spilled all over the lamp before you know that it can only remain lit because it has oil?

A lamp with the oil all over it, at first encounter, is actually an impending disaster, waiting to happen.

God, on the inside, who is the source of energy for the light on the wick of man’s life, need not be visible directly by Religious confessions, sanctimonious practices and indiscreet quotation of Scriptures so that people can know we have relationship with God.

To the world, it must begin with them seeing God’s manifestation through your lights, shining brightly and consistently. Eventually, those who would like to know why the brightness and why the consistency would eventually come closer and get to discover the ‘Oil’ on the inside –  the Holy Spirit of God working in us and through us.

So, when next you are relating with anyone; pay attention to living out the truth of God’s word that you know instead of talking it loud on rooftops. . . It is actually louder when it is visible in your bright and consistent light; shining with love, integrity, dedication, purity and many more exemplary disposition of those who truly have communion with the God of Heaven.

Arise, Shine! for your light has come . . . and the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. Isaiah 60 : 1