The Wind


This past week, I was alarmed by the news of the passing of a friend of a friend and for days I kept talking about it until my wife had to caution me that it was depressing. I am still bewildered by the news; how death had taken away such handsome young man in his prime without notice.

I took note of two things and I would like to share them:

1. Death has no respect for anyone. Vocation, value and worth would not matter when the time is up! So, it is important to do what is needful in time; do not leave till morrow what can be done today. The righteous and the wicked would die in the end; but the LORD’s reward to the righteous is that he or she has conquered death and so it is simply transport to continue eternity that already began from this side on the other side.

2. The glory of man is temporal. All of his or her pursuit is like chasing the ‘wind’ (Ecclesiastes 2). The best one can do is to ensure that we do not become ‘wind’ ourselves in the pursuit of ‘wind’. When we are pursuing the ‘wind’, for whatever purpose, it would be God that is in the middle of the wind that we are seeking after, not the wind itself.

Review your life! Make adjustment where necessary! Do not let the enemy catch you unaware, while pursuing the ‘winds’ of life. Be ready, anytime!