September Book Releases


By the grace of God, I am releasing five books, beginning from September 2016 from the presses of @CheretBooks.

First is  the DAILY CONTEMPLATION SERIES for adults and for young people in secondary/high schools:


Firstfruits is a Daily Bible Contemplation for young people in secondary schools. It has become increasingly difficult for Christ to be taught FREELY in our public schools. Teachers are afraid to introduce Christ to children, the consequences can include losing their job. Therefore, it is imperative that we empower these young folks by helping them to develop  pure relationship with God that would encourage them to share Christ with their fellow students.

This publication would be distributed FREE OF CHARGE to student every school term, beginning from the first term in September 2016.

#LifeByTheWord is another Daily Bible Contemplation for adults. The knowledge of the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom He has sent is the only valid response to our world. How would a Christian find his or her way in this world, without becoming a casualty? These daily contemplation promises to bring clarity through illumination by the word of God and power to do the word. An online community @rarebuild on Facebook and Twitter would help us to discuss the entries.

This would be available for a minimal cost; whose proceeds would be turned into the production of Firstfruits for the younger people. This way, you are a partner with us in discipline them for God’s kingdom.

My team and I are looking to YOU for support with editing, content contribution and volunteering to facilitate distribution and use for secondary/high schools around you, as well as sponsorship, distribution and partnership with us at Rarebuild to deliver these tools for discipleship development and furtherance of God’s kingdom. Your church, ministry and missions can partner with us on these.

Secondly, the first three books in the ‘BOOK FOR LIFE’ would be released by early October 2016.

BFL 1-3

This release would have three books in it:

1. Before the Lightan inquiry into creation for understanding the world we live in and how to operate in it; fulfilling destinies in God.

2. Discovera self-serve resource for personal and capacity discovery, a help to find yourself in the complexity of the world. In context, it helps in fostering community building for higher effectiveness; it is a guide to idea generation, development and management as well as discovery, development and management of relationships and resources.

For those who have the first and abridged version of Discover, this is the expanded version of the book, with worksheet to help you put action to what it offers.

3. Fruitful Tree, a leadership walk-through for those called to take responsibility for a particular change in their sphere of influence. It is a metaphorically woven piece to illustrate the life of a problem-solver (leader) in everyday experiences.

For more information, inquiries, pre-order, bookings, sponsorship and partnership, please call: +234 909 24 33333 or e-mail:

Please help spread the word. Thank you.