A Letter to Leaders


It is a brand new month! July it is!

Like a flash, the first half of the year is gone and the second half has begun already. It would soon be folding away also. We must work while it is day, for the night is coming when no man can work.

“Leaders, who do not listen would eventually be surrounded by those who have nothing to say” – Andy Stanley

This morning my heart is really heavy with pain and disappointment at the level of despondency that is evident in the family, the church and the nation. As much as everything rises and falls on the heart, I am concerned this morning with the heart of leaders. While people, nations, tribes and tongues are in deep darkness of troubles and pains unending, leaders, to whom much had been given in education, opportunities, wealth and health, are pursuing personal gratification with overblown ego and we are cheering them for it.

While I am waiting for those who chair narratives for meaningful change to be the change they speak; they are looking in the speck of younger eyes instead of removing the heavy logs in their eyes that has clouded their vision and impaired their judgement. When are we going to begin the journey to our collective good without lacing it with personal ambition and ego? When are we going to start seeing value in others because they are really there and drop our conceited misdemeanors? The solutions we need are in the hearts and mouths of babes and sucklings and the leaders wont admit that their contributions are gradually out-living its relevance. The education the elders gave are gradually becoming remanded to the realms of norms and culture alone. . . productivity, responsibility, relevance and value are already redefined and yet we are holding on to the falling walls of hypocrisy in the name of good intentions.

Forgive my rants, I speak from experience.

Sometime ago, I spoke with an elder about the socio-economic situation of the on-coming generations and showed him a comprehensive program I developed  by the help of God and piloted over a period of about 4 years to respond to it; all I heard was “It is a nice idea”! Though this person is well connected and putting his weight behind it would have changed the lots of many people, he shied away from it because it has nothing in it that would privately enrich those who promote it. Several years later, this person is talking to me about a problem that was already solved more than eight years ago and claimed it is the next big thing.

Every follower is expected to learn from his or her experiences. Unfortunately, when what is learnt by experience is put to use, the first people to criticize them are the same leaders who are no longer comfortable that they have found their voice; that they now have understanding of things, such as the leaders do also and that they have exceptionally mastered what these leaders thought the followers could not master, since they are not as privileged as the leaders are! I have found that most leaders are merely impostors, who merely take the honor of leadership on themselves because it serves their objectives; they lack the capacity or willingness to be responsible for the development of anyone. As a matter of fact, if leadership were not thrust on them or they lack the power that comes with having means, no one in his or her right mind would follow them.

To what end am I writing this piece this morning? What do I seek to achieve? I would want those who care to listen (read) this piece to know that these are the days when your best companion is the HOLY SPIRIT of God. He, alone, is able to lead you into all truth without prejudice. If you are thinking that your allegiance to anyone or any class of people would be your ticket to success, you are of all men the most deluded. You may soon realize that those who want to mentor you are like Saul, soon to transform into tormentors. It is time to seek out the fellowship of the Spirit of the LORD like never before . . . and ensure your leader is someone truly submitted to the Spirit of the LORD; with glaring evidence, “for by their fruits, you shall know them”; that way, you can be sure they are going somewhere remarkable IN God and you are not in the ‘Blind following the blind’ situation.

Within you is the help you need to succeed; that Help is the Holy Spirit! He is Christ in you, the hope of glory (fulfillment of God’s will and purpose)! Trust me, just like you, I am caught in the same web of needing help to succeed; but if we harness the grace (cordial communion) of God that we have and work together, the LORD would be glorified in us all. Like a brother said in his book: “Arise and Succeed!”