Sometimes, our worries are unfounded,

Many times, our troubles are founded on our responses,

In the end, what do you make of what you have been through?

Is it something you must detest in others or something you should handle with understanding?


If the furnace of fire produced this shining gold,

Why is the shining gold demeaning the furnace with disdain?

If it produced the beauty now revealed,

Why is the gold sworn to extinguish its fire?


There abides these two, who suffered from life’s adversity,

One grew to become appreciate other’s stride at conquering the same adversity,

The other becomes resentful of anyone who suffers because it reminds of the past,

Same process, producing two different people!


In the end, the difference is in the heart,

The value is in the beauty of understanding, not just the knowledge of things,

Whatever you have experience in life,

May it make you a better person.