Have you ever been helped and you feel your word aren’t enough as gratitude? That was how I felt a couple of days ago when some friends bailed me out of injustice. I just couldn’t stop feeling like calling to say ‘Thank You’ over and over again. One friend went out of his way to help my wife in my absence and I am still unhappy that I haven’t been able to look in his eyes and see that knowing that I truly appreciate what he did! I feel so indebted!

Why do I feel so? You see, I have been promised help by people who truly have means, but denied because of reasons best known to them, not even with a reason for not keeping their words. It would have cost them almost nothing to put a smile on my face, especially when I needed it so badly. . . but what they do best is go silent when they are needed most, until they need me for my skills again. I have seen those who know my deepest aches exploit my weaknesses and then return to me with supposed benevolence that is loaded with meaning. If only my needs were personal, one would have perceived there is resistance because of what such help might make possible; but even at the knowledge of how many lives are dependent on the reason for the help, which is by no means personal, they still do not help, not in any way.

So, I cannot stop being grateful to those who truly help me, looking for more ways to help me. The urge to turn my gratitude into a melody, on repeat, cannot go away, not anytime soon! Why? Those who truly helped me are those who do not have much to offer; so they offered themselves and the little they have also. Those who have something to offer would only do so with a contrary agenda that shines brightly.

These has brought me to the following conclusions:

  1. True help only comes from the LORD, the owner and giver of all things;
  2. The vessel God would use can ascribed the glory to himself or herself;
  3. True friends aren’t those looking down at you, they are those looking out for you;
  4. The most vital relationship, in the end, is not with those who think they own the key to your life’s success. It is your relationship with God; and
  5. God can bypass men and use ravens to bring what is needed, even if the ravens need them too.

“For the LORD GOD will help me;

Therefore, I will not be disgraced;

Therefore, I have set my face like a flint,

And I know that I will not be ashamed. . .


Surely, the LORD GOD will help me,

Who is he who will condemn me? . . .”

Isa 50 : 7-11

Thank you Olamide AkinwaleEkundayo, Adetunji Adesoji-Moses, Olalekan Ileola-Gold, ‘Tunde Adedeji, ‘Segun Akinmadeju, Cephas Adelore and Benedict Ozieh. You guys are my present example of true friendship. I am most grateful!