Of Presses and Prayers


In the last three days,  I had to be in a printing press throughout each day; from morning till night. I noticed there is so much prayers going on by their business people and their staff,  before and during their work.

My first response was with joy and gladness, seeing that the LORD is honoured in their work.  Looking deeper, I noticed the staff don’t really care about the prayers,  they are more interested in increased pay and more motivation. A few staff were very religious about it, believing their prayers would bring the miracle of patronage and protection from perceived enemies; even when little attention is paid to how satisfied their customers really are. 

Like in every venture,  so much goes into its success, much more than the prayers said over it.  The prayers would take care of all spiritual issues, which is the foundation for many others…however, other things are as pertinent as prayers. Some are:

  • Attention to details
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost friendliness
  • Leadership 
  • Loyalty
  • Staff motivation etc.  (Please add yours to the list)

In the end, diligence with God’s blessing is the recipe for prosperity and increase. We need to use God’s grace given to us to do more than praying. Noah prayed and found grace with God; still he went to work, searched for the right wood, bent his back into work, did an excellent job with the ark and everything worked in his favour. It would have been a huge disaster if the ark was a shody job,  that could not hold them when the storm came. Diligence cannot be substituted with prayers.  

Peace to you. 


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  1. Emmanuel Mogaji says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Perhaps there is no need to over spiritualized things. You can’t be praying for success in your business and yet be treating the customers badly.

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