Honor, Exaltation and Appointment 


If the LORD has honored you,  remember to honor others too.  His honor didn’t come because you deserved it; so,  don’t be the judge, who decided who deserves honor or not. 

I personally think the universal right to honor is being fellow human being like others;  status, education,  exposure, achievement,  speech,  etc. should not be the primary determinant. If it weren’t for the LORD, each one of us could be worse than the one we readily judge as less. 
Again,  I say, if the LORD has exalted you, do not put others down. There are so many things that are not revealed; still,  they remain valid, even if we do not know they are what the are. A rude awakening awaits people, who flourishes by putting others down. Even the Almighty God frowns at such, especially when the victim is a righteous man. 

So, do well to treat everyone with a degree of dignity; even in their show of shame and folly, make sure you are not guilty of presumption.

Finally,  if the LORD has appointed you to a task, do not be the judge of others,  whose task you do not know or understand.  The gifts of  God are without repentance; yet,  you must give account for how you use them. It is much better to pray with a clean and clear heart than to make assessment with a clean and clear heart. If your assessment is wrong,  you would have stumbled and you would have defiled your heart. 
Whatever is done in the body would be accounted for.  It is wisdom to be careful!