​It is Eternal, Not New!


Earlier in my Christian walk ​with God, my question to God was always “Why is there a need for new works? Now, having gained more light into the counsel of God,  I have come to realise nothing is indeed new! 

The eternal counsel of God requires a consistent embodiment and only the vessels are new!  

Why do we need new vessels?  

What happened to the old ones? 

Since today’s ‘new’ is tomorrow’s ‘old’, what value is there in celebrating any of the vessels beyond necessary ramifications? 

Then I understood, the following: 

  • Since they started well and did not maintain their estate, enticed away by the deceitfulness of riches and success, there is an urgent need for new vessels;
  • If new vessels do not learn from the mistakes of the old ones, trusting God to chart for them their unique path to success, their failure would be worse; 
  • For as long as the objective is more divisive than uniting,  nothing eternal would come out of it; 
  • Kingdom of God’s work that becomes changed to kingdom of men’s work would eventually share the same fate as the men they become tailored after. 
  • The glory of God is not dependent on the availability of Godly men… God is able to use even the unsaved to fulfill His word.  

Let everyone, who names the Name of the LORD be well advised. Iniquity destroys!