Midnight Musing


Just as I am attempting to sleep for a while,  with a heavy heart, full of much to ponder,  I thought it beautiful to share a few of my thought. . . So, here are they! 

Trigger for Change

So much has been said of what is wrong, much is still on the lips of pundits on hoe these things interweave; still, it seems what would set the needed change in motion is elusive. 

What must we do to be saved?! Is it something we must do or is it someone we must be or is it somewhere we must go to?  Too many questions; yet, very little answers!

I have come to understand that: though words must be spoken, since they frame our aeons (worlds) and actions must be taken, since doers are the true agents of change, what is most vital is a living embodiment (testimony) of the change that is sought and needed.

More than SAYING and DOING, we need to BE what we are seeking. In essence, we must become the change we seek; not a mantra for self-serving expressions, but an actual BEING. 

Of Pain and Pleasure

So, so much drama is usually unleashed when bad things happen to us; some times, we blame God for indiscretion, at other times, we explain them away with viable religiosity. Unfortunately, when pleasures come, we hardly show God our strong emotions; sometimes, we go overboard into error because pleasures have a way of removing restraints.

This one thing I have observed though: embracing our pain, till we reach its deepest depth, has a way of birthing such beauty, whose description is beyond what frail minds can interpret. . .it eventually becomes a ceaseless flow of pleasures.

It is convenient and common to promote a pleasurable story. But even the best good story loses its fervour and flavour after a while. Stories, poured out of cups of pain never loses its quality. It is indeed a deeper emotion; a valid resource for birthing real greatness!

So, make lemonade out of your rottening lemon; explore every discomfort or problems that comes your way until you break open many jars of life’s sweet aromas.  

Learning and Development

On this one, I will just be brief and curt!

Real learning does not happen by instruction without an integrated walk-through experience.

Whatever must become a life lesson, internalised and lived, must be one that is experienced by going through!  Many times,  much love can choke good judgment. In the end, real love is empowering, not patronizing!

And finally. . .

Quality has no tribe! 

If you are looking to surround yourself with good and great people, you must become totally de-tribalized!

I have come to understand that those who do most harm are kinsmen; people who has most value to offer are hardly people you would like at first sight. 

Stay blessed! 

By the way,  I am speaking to an assembly of young and vibrant people today in Lagos, Nigeria; educated and uneducated, employed and unemployed, privileged and under-priviledged, civilized and non-civilized. Say a word of prayer for me and the people I would be conversing with. We want more from our lives, while we are still alive!  
If you are on Lagos Mainland, and you are free, you can pop-in at Datanomics Hotel and Suites, beside FCMB Bank, Aladiye bus stop, Onipanu, Lagos by 9.00am

I love you all, have a splendid new day!