Faith in Each Other


It is natural to be new at something, but it is unnatural to stay new at the same thing. A mistake, made once, is said to be acceptable; but what do we say of mistakes that has become a habit? Should it not be dealt with?

If being new is not a crime,  being familiar is not a comfortable place either. It is not the unfamiliar that conquers most times… It’s actually the familiar! When might fails, primarily because it is confronted with equal and opposing capabilities, it is the familiar that eventually conquers from within. 

This, therefore, is the import of these thoughts, a newbie is as vulnerable as the experienced.

The key to perpetual security (spiritually and physically) is never letting down your guard.  

The newbie may be plagued with lack of direction and expertise; the experienced is also plagued with over-familiarity. If the experienced speak of upcoming newbies with disdain because of their inadequacies,  the other side of the table would speak of them as being insensitively cocky and familiar too. Where then does these leave us, as the body of Christ? 

We must rise above hasty conclusions about each other in the body of Christ, WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE! 

Let’s have some faith in each other, trusting God to complete the work He started in each one of us.  Let the ‘green’ ones seek sincere milk of God’s word so they can grow to maturity without the mature ones forcing ‘meats’ of biblical revelations down their throat, killing them and their faith in the process. 

We are all work in progress and condemnation of each other is not how we grow as the body of Christ into stature. Let your thoughts (and by extension, your words) be spoken in grace and seasoned with salt.