When You Are Dealt The Wrong Hand… 


Each time I see someone suffer, especially someone undeserving, my first response is “What on earth could be wrong?” Since God is just and faithful, why do righteous people suffer like the wicked sometimes and it becomes really hard to make a case for God?

Well, I found out in the Scriptures that God allows certain things to happen to His beloved NOT to punish them, but to bring them into deeper understanding of certain things that would, in the end, strengthen their faith.

However, I found out that one of the first things that problems, pressure and challenges of life reveal in us is what we are made of.

It’s easy to consider one’s outward appearance and conclude that all is well, but under pressure, so much is revealed; first to the person under pressure and then to others.
When you are pressed, what comes out of you? Do you start with a ‘vote of no confidence’ on God because you consider yourself as not deserving such hand? Surely, such response comes from a heart that is yet to fully submit to God. We are not dealt what we deserve! We are dealt the purposed will of God; and according to His words, it is out of good thoughts that would bring us to the expected end.

If Joseph knew that prison and punishment for shining would produce his leadership to nations, he would rejoice when sold to slavery.

If only you and I know the purpose for what we go through, our joy would be greater than we have now.

So, having done all to stand, stand! When challenges come your way, and they are not because of sin, know that something glorious is brewing. May great grace be multiplied to you and I to persevere till the end. Amen.