A Generation of Tricksters 


My journey of life has made me a student of life. The lessons I glean on daily are served to me in crucibles of different colors and sizes. I observe the play of things as my realities unfold; indeed, my generation was grown with lies and falsehood, and we are waiting earnestly for fruits of truth and freedom.

Shall we plant maize and earnestly pray to harvest yam? Surely, oil flows when olives are pressed as wine flows when grapes are pressed. What we are made of is what is coming out of us.

This generation do not value truth…we value truce more! We hope that our false idea of peace would bring much needed development. Like our fathers, we are feasting from sources we do not know or understand and we are merely preparing our children to feast from unknown riches, whose access is through corruption and what we call ‘street-smartness’.

Surely, our works would be visited someday with fire; what we are building would be visited someday with rain, storm and wind. God forbid, it is not standing on the rock, our posterity would be forgotten before our ‘now’ begins.

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of whatever would be eternal; grace and truth are the guards for anything that would remain. We need to rethink our choices and make new decisions if we would not be weeping and wailing in the future.


  1. AWED says:

    Thank you.


  2. OLUWA-Muyiwa says:

    You’re welcome sir!


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