To Charge or Not To Charge


A couple of weeks ago,  I posted a couple of life-enriching events/programs on my social media pages and I was challenged by someone to make participation free so that many people can attend. The gentleman even went as far as offering a prayer for me to be more ‘blessed’ (whatever being blessed means) so that I can conveniently offer these programs to people free. 

I remember responding to him by saying: “I have done programs for free for more than nine (9) years, people really do not value what they do not pay for.” Having considered that the event is merely 7,000 NGN (the sum of all costs that would be expended to bring these values to participants . . . not even an extra naira as profit) I further opined that those who place value on what is offered would pay much more for something similar at places like the Lagos Business School. 

Well, since the heart and the intent are the main issues that matter to God in most cases, I would leave that to the LORD to judge. However, these are my findings and I thought they would interest anyone going somewhere significant! 

1. When unpopular names offer the answers we need, we treat the pearls placed before us as swines would. We seem to love our chains more since it guarantees sustenance and our desired perception of progress without real progress or any meaningful value; somewhat, a movement in circles! So, when you have cooked your pot of sumptuous value, you might want to be prepared for people’s lack of viral response, even when they need it desperately; especially, if you are not a popular name. 

2. The reason our disadvantages remain is because we value lies and falsehood more than we do truth and freedom. Often times, our response to getting along in life is by seeking fraternity with people who have no time or genuine interest in our well-being; those, to whom our association is merely good ‘optics’ nothing more! We seek mentorship with people whose lives are like a collage of variants! They come out giving us sweet words and counsels they do not practice, brandishing victories they did not win by righteousness and we gullibly take them in. Their victories are like those of villains, dipped in blood and rottening flesh of people’s broken lives and dreams, yet they sing us sweet melodies of victories in ‘jesus’ name (their jesus being different from the Saviour of the world).

3. Help is understood differently in different places and cultures. What most people want is a boost to their personal fruitless venture, not necessarily a sustainable growth; because real growth is never a solo idea. It’s the value of ‘ten thousands’ delivered by the power in community (as small as two persons), not the progress of ‘one thousand’ from one, whose value fades with the one who made it. When we manage to come together, it is for the purpose of personal benefit, not for communal well-being that eliminates our individual struggles…what a shame! 

4. Free is really never free; someone paid the price! Whatever is free without a price is a bait; wise fellows would be careful not to partake in it. That the gospel of Christ is not for sale does not mean it costs nothing. Only God can afford such price! Christ paid the price and his followers are paying prices at different levels, on different scales. So, if you are looking for serious people, those who would really put your values to use, delivering it free to them isn’t a guarantee that you would get such people. As a matter of fact,  putting a cost on it would skim out those who take the grace of God in vain. Notwithstanding, the delivery of the word of God remains free of charge because the LORD already paid the price for it. Don’t sell it! Ever! 

Finally, today is the due date for one of the events and it will not be holding because only one person registered! If only people registered and then communicated their inability to pay, that would be understood as people asking for help; and like Jesus would, I would have given free attendance. Unfortunately, if I was more popular (even if I gained my prominence through corrupt means), they would have burrowed from their enemies to attend the event. 

Should I be worried for my nation -Nigeria? Yes! I should be very worried! Somehow, I will leave his redemption to those called by God to restore him. As for me, my focus is on the House of my God. 

To those who think every program is organized to generate resources, that is the basest thought anyone can have. For some of us, our interest is the empowerment of God’s people to do more for the Kingdom of God, by all righteous means necessary, not personal gain. We would even give away our lives for it, if need be! 

Peace to the righteous.