A Bowl of Means


First written and posted on Facebook on July 24, 2015 | 4.02pm

I write from under a shed made of weather-worn plywood and bamboo, with an army of workers; Okada riders, mechanics, vulcanisers and apple fruit sellers, all making a living from under this shed.

A few hours past noon and it’s time for lunch. I watched as a woman, bearing a variety of food on a tray, in plastic bowls, served everyone and the merry on these faces is unfathomable.

Then I wonder, what really matters most in life? What we eat or how we eat it? The rich prides themselves in the ambience of their dining rooms and the abundance of costly wares used in serving their meals; yet, most morsel on those tables are without peace and joy. On the other hand, the poor take theirs from cheap steel plates, borne on their palms instead, while perching on a bench made of weak timber; yet, their joy remain abundant.

Now, more than ever before, we must reconsider what truly matters in life….what we are or who we are! Indeed the words of the Scriptures are true that dry morsels with peace is better than the feast of nobles filled with everything evil.

As I round this off, a destitute also came to buy himself a meal, he enquired if the food seller has vegetables. I was shocked to see that he was served too….albeit in a cellophane bag. He was very happy someone paid for him and he ate with satisfaction.

One more thing surprised me: though destitute, he kept saying ‘thank you’ and he prayed with all his heart. He is indeed a grateful man.

May the LORD help us to know what is right to do. To live for what matters most….peace with God (Grace) an peace within.

Food, indeed, is a means to an end, not the end in itself. Selah!