Grace is it! 


If you have never been traumatized, you may not know what is possible in terms of drastic response. Life has a way of bringing us a mix of beauty and blight, prosperity and pain, peace and provocations, and so on and so forth… 

In recent times, I have realized that when we ask for more, what we do not know is that more has much more to it. Every increase comes with unspoken incitement, every new level has a new devil to contend with. 

If you must progress in life, there are battles to fight. Such battles that are uniquely woven into life needs no visible armoury or artillery; having them, however figurative they are,  is still not a guarantee that victory is sure. Strong men and women have lost their battles, valiant and mighty ones have fallen like common men. Indeed,  the battle is not for the strong! 

The grace of God, peace with God in the midst of all, is the only sure guarantee that the raging storm would not overwhelm in the end. If all you have with God is a rich experience of worship, it’s time to step it up to deeper fellowship with Him, for the times are dangerous.

Peace to the righteous.