Of Perception and Choices


Words and deeds, these two shapes what is believed;
Sound and sight, these two informs what is perceived.
Until they are both played out, choices would be hard to make;
Unless choices are rooted in the Truth, regret and pain are around the corner.

Man was made to make choices,
Choosing right is what he or she must learn lest he or she perishes
The power of choice may seem to overwhelm the truth about the choices,
But each eventual choice would unfold what is perceived, wrong or right.

The enemy will not challenge your power and authority to choose,
Instead, he will interfere in how you perceive what you see and hear,
Though choices reflect what is perceived, the truth would inform the end of it all;
Though falsehood is perceived as truth, empathy would not preserve falsehood forever.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to search out the truth,
Laziness or lack of interest in establishing truth would soon unveil unbearable pain and regret.
Find the Truth in the Way of God that is laid before you and you would have Life.

For the Truth is not facts, He is a person – Christ!

John 8 : 31-32, John 14 : 6