Cancerous Growth


The Church is one of early disciples’ response to fellowshipping with each other, a completely different entity from the body of Christ, for which He is coming back. Gradually, the church establishment is becoming so great and widely reaching; unfortunately, it’s depth is daily sacrificed for it’s width and reach. 

This depth is not developed by more congregational prayers or community outreaches; instead, it is burrowed by personal fellowshipping with God, reflective in the family structure. Majority of the responsibility for discipleship is designed to be at the family level of societal structure. Children are to be trained up in the way of the LORD by parents, not pastors; wives are supposed to be washed by the word of God and presented wholesome by patriachs, not pastors!  Actually, according to Biblical patterns, most of what should happen in the church is meant for the building up of the man so that He can, in turn, build up his home. 

Perhaps, the breakdown in family structures, coming from worldly drive for gender parity, financial freedom and many anti-family ideals, is the reason why the church is stepping up it’s response to these things. But, we cannot effectively build on the foundation of Christ that was laid by continuing this way. Church leadership would be overwhelmed by these extra responsibilities and they would start to lack in their primary responsibility. Eventually, what evolves from this is the socially-responsive church that is not eternity-conscious or kingdom-minded. 

The Church establishment has a lot of prunning to do; the Bride of Christ has a lot of consecration to reach for. Our families must return to the accurate order of the word of God,  husbands must resume their role as the priest of their household and pastors must be reminded of their boundaries.

May God’s Shekinah Glory return to our homes and sanctuaries. Amen.