Is Your Christian Marriage Really Working? (PART 3)


Continued from Part Two . . .

The trouble with the Christian marriage is that many things are not like they are in marriages that did not involve God. Although, most Christian marriages are already becoming more like the secular, the God-factor in Christian marriages sets it apart from the rest. Therefore, if you really desire a marriage that works these issues are worthy of consideration:


So much has been said about what becomes of the life of married people as a result of the marriage. In most cultures, people believe its the husband’s life that becomes better, unlike the wife’s life that diminishes in value as a result of marriage. Whether that is true or not is a subject for another conversation. One thing is sure, in a Christian marriage, both lives must be flourishing and glowing with grace.

However, it is important to have a clear definition of what WORK is. Since work is the vehicle through which we pursue life’s purpose and dreams, its definition to both husband and wife must be clear and same. Should the definition be different, either or both persons on one of them would feel shortchanged, its only a matter of time.

A Christian husbands who ask his wife not to do secular work may mean well, considering many of the challenges and pressure on his wife to do many things at a time and the seeming fragility of her frame; but in the long run, he would be regarded as a dream killer if being the General Manager of the home is not considered as work by her. In fact, asking her to change cateer to a more suitable one for the family may be regarded as the slaughter of her own future. All these applies to the man also, changing career to keep his family together because of his wife’s upliftment in one way or another may create resentment, especially if that is not what he plans to do or be. 

In essence, whatever ‘work’ means to both persons must be understood and choices be made in response to it within the confines of God’s word. These days, a wife’s submission does not mean they have given away their dreams for the bigger dream presented by husbands; in the end, no matter how grand it is, it is considered his dream, not hers!
If you are yet to be married, you are in the best state to make the best choice, guided by the word of God. Discuss work, discuss dreams and discuss your life’s purpose. If family is more important to you than material accomplishment, be sure your spouse-to-be shares thesame perspective. Do not pretend to agree when you do not agree so that you can hold on to that beautiful chic and handsome dude; it will backfire!
Until I come your way again to share with you on Christian marriages, keep your fellowship with God active and stay away from sin, be active and remain undefiled from the world.