This Sacred Moment

There is so much to say about the fabric of humanity, the choices we made, the ones we are making and the ones we are likely to make; but, I chose to be quiet for a moment…

A moment in time, a season while silence is golden! Soon, its expediency would expire and the city must be loud with what needs to be said….Soon, I say,…soon!

In the city, the real failure is the lack of successful people. It is that they succeed at the expense of the vulnerable. Territories are conquered without justice and we have mastered preying on ourselves instead of praying for ourselves.

The mountain of the LORD’s house has become a franchise; the operators are daily perfecting their enterprise of vanity. Still, the truth is naked on the street, homeless and destitute; but earthly and sensual wisdom has found the most comfortable bed to lay in cold winter nights.

Soon, the trumpet would sound! Soon, the last call before the call would come. Both saints and sinners would be shocked by it, but the LORD would make Himself clear.
Let they that are righteous be righteous still;

Let the wayward be wayward still;

The glory of the LORD is the fulfilment of His words,

The judgment and the victories alike.

Peace to the Righteous