The Thin Line. . .

More often, we are surrounded by the evidence of people’s resilience, their struggles to overcome their challenges and their pains; but, I am often faced with questions in need of answers – where is the line of difference between resilience and foolishness?

In my country, many workers are owed salary, my retired parents are owed years of pension arrears; still, they are still going to work. I cannot but wonder, is this their real work or its just a platform to do other things, mostly illegitimate, to get money?

Young people are agitating for change, yet they are unable to articulate what this new change means! The politicians are self-centered liars, appropriating our commonwealth to their heritage; the clergies are con men in robes, gracing the temples and mosques with highest heights of impurity and greed. Yet we fight for them, and kill ourselves for their causes. Again, I wonder, where is the line?

Our gatekeepers are asleep, our economy is failing; our future is politicised, our santuaries are den of robbers…yet we go on as if all is well. Hate speeches are everywhere, left, right and center; yet we we smile away, with each person becominf his or her own ‘local government’. Where is this leading us…?

We need servant and visionary leadership, we also need honorable and active followership as well. Arise for the change around you…no one else would, if you do not. Resilience is not the virtue we need in Nigeria right now; wisdom, knowledge, understanding and active citizenship is what we need.

I challenge fellow Nigerians, all we need is 1 man/woman of honor and integrity and 200 noble men/women of stature from each geo-political zone, and Nigeria will be saved, changed and made great again. 1206 men, who God can count on is all we need!

Would you be one?