Here in the Arena


A while ago,

When dreams were free and hopes were reachable,

It was most convenient to have expectations and be driven by it;

Now, in the middle of my age,

I see bright new lights,

My eyes can see clearer,

Only the DREAM matters in the end . . .


Looking ahead,

Forty more years from here,

I cannot but pause to wonder, what I would be like,

Will what I believe of me still be there?

Will what I know of me be true and visible for all to see?

Will I be faithful in my accomplishments?


Tribes will prosper,

Tongues will flourish in same truth,

People would be saved,

Nations would be restored,

Still, my life’s meaning would be in the light of what it was meant to be.


My goal is not to outdo anyone,

My purpose is not to compete with anyone,

If in my walk and work with my Creator, I obtain a covenant,

My soujourn would a landmark be . . .


So, to those who have expectations of me;

Who judge my disposition with reference to others;

Understand what you know before your next utterance


Unto my God and King, I owe it all,

I really have very little explanation to give my self-appointed judges


Unto God, I owe it all; both sweet and sour. Peace