The Prosperity in Play

I spent the last two days in a printing press in Shomolu area of Lagos, Nigeria. As always, I am fellow press ‘mate’ with my friends at the printing press when I have works to produce. Each time I spend with these folks playing, I discover new ways of doing things that are supposed to be mundane in amazing new ways. We just simply talk, laugh, eat, drink and PLAY together while we work and I create new things from these seemingly mundane engagements.

It is no longer a new knowledge that creating solutions is the only pathway to creating real wealth. Still one thing that is missing is the understanding of how to really come about these solutions. Solutions do come through creative processes but unfortunately, creative process have become more technical and cerebral these days that our new range of solutions requires another complete schools curriculum to use. The most probable response would be that people just abandon the solutions altogether…
There are tremendous potentials and discoveries waiting to see the light of day because we do not play enough. Yes! You read right! Play!

There is something about playing that taps unconsciously into the realm of human intelligence. It creates a robust platform for emotions and intellect to work together seamlessly; not conflicting this time. Most intellectual judgment suspends emotions or relegate it to the background and same for most emotional judgments because it also tends to suspend intellect or keep it in the background.

During play, you will learn more from situations than from structured meetings and carefree adventure…

If you will be exceptional in creativity and prosperous from what you produce, it must celebrate both good thinking (intellect) and be loved by the users (emotions).
If I were you, I would plan time to play with my family, to play with my staff, colleagues, teams and friends.


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  1. Benny O. says:

    i didn’t understand this work culture initially when I joined a set of people who had fun while working.
    I felt too rigid for a while until I let loose, sometimes I still feel the desire to be so serious.
    It truly has unlocked countless ideas in various ways.
    Thanks for this sir.

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