The Right Question to Ask

It has never been more difficult to understand why people who should be cordial have disagreements, especially over matters that should mean very little. A lot of times, its probably helpful to focus less on WHO is wrong and focus more on WHAT is going wrong.
Right things can be done wrong, wrong things can be done the right way until we completely lose the line of difference between what is right and what is wrong. It is possible to be right and be wrong at the same time; it is a reality that would soon confront anyone with a regenerated heart, earnestly looking for an opportunity to do well.
If your good is being evil spoken of, take a step back and find out WHAT is wrong, focus less on WHO is involved. You might find out that the matter is not personal, but a sensitive subject is being wrongly handled. If you have done well and you are criticized for it, the matter is not with you, it is with WHAT is done. It is wise to separate people from their actions; still, out of the heart proceeds issues of life.