Sundry Birthday Thoughts

A couple of days ago was my birthday. Like many of my birthdays, it is usually a time to reflect on almost every aspect of my life. As always, my wife was the first to announce to all and sundry that it was my birthday; I will forever be grateful to God for the gift of God in her. Just so you know, I had the ‘most-liked’ picture on Facebook because of the picture she posted of us. Beautiful! Isn’t it? (This is me saying ‘Thank you’ to you Olamide for all you do. May the LORD remember you and bless you exceedingly.)

While all of the social media attention was going on, I had some good time to think on some issues and I thought to share with you all (those of you who read).

Nothing is guaranteed!

To most of my believing folks, it is hard to accept this statement because of its absoluteness. It seems these days that most issues of life are examined in the grey areas. It comes across as very insensitive to investigate issues in the black and white state. Still, I have found out that even the salvation of a man’s soul, guaranteed by the gift of the Holy Spirit can be lost. There are so many people who readily think, speaks and act by the word of God but are far from the God whose word they live by. This is actually the description of legalism. Things, seen and unseen, are not guaranteed; emotions, positive or negative, are not guaranteed; intellect, thoughts or imaginations, are not guaranteed; even the security of a man’s spirit is not guaranteed. The only guarantee that exists is that each man’s choices rule their lives and each one comes with its consequence

The only guarantee that exists is that each man’s choices rule their lives and each one comes with its consequence

Therefore, even though all things beautiful and bad are within the reach of God and available to all people, how He would dispense it to each one do not follow a rigid script. What is generally understood as bad may be the beginning of God’s glory, being revealed! The destruction of the wicked and the exaltation of the lowly both produce the glory of God. If you seek the LORD for only the good things of life, you would be disappointed when the bad ones come to prove you in readiness for what He has prepared for you.

Who you are is not what you are

In the past, until recently, I am deeply troubled when I see responses from people to situations that makes the heart sink with sadness. Now, I have come to understand that who people are cannot be changed, except by the LORD, and you cannot force Him to change them. What people are can be changed; as a matter of fact, a rearrangement of the parameters that defined what they are can redefine what the people are; but who they are would remain, your deepest sacrifices notwithstanding. So, if you earnestly need a change in someone’s life or a change in the culture of a people, pray to God before you start preaching!

So, if you earnestly need a change in someone’s life or a change in the culture of a people, pray to God before you start preaching! Only God can do that! 

If the LORD decides to do it, then you are highly favoured. If He chose to wait a while or not to do it at all; then, try not to be a superstar! Stay in your lane.

Your heart is your centre!

I will not try to sugar-coat this, I will just tell it as it is. In life, you would be hurt, betrayed, disvalued, offended, rejected, circumvented, cheated, (add all the unfavourable experiences) . . .  but, in the end, the state of your heart is what would determine your value to God and humanity. There are those who became evil because of their experiences, it is a choice that would consume them in the long run. There are those who become good because life has been favourable to them, the challenges of life would come to test how good they are. There are those who respond to every wickedness with righteousness, not because it makes sense, but because the evil in revenge consumes the vessels more rapidly; surely their joy would know no bounds, even in the midst of life’s dark and gloomy days.

Keep your heart from offence! It is the fiercest battle you would need to fight in life. Stay free and pure for your own sake! When all is said and done, both the offender and the offence would pass away, but the scar from the wounds you allow would linger for all of your lifetimes.

Finally, stay with God! Choose not to do what He is not doing. He is ready and willing to commune with you about the future He has in store and to commit to you true riches if you are faithful enough. There is nothing impossible with God but you must learn to live within boundaries set for you by Him.


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