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Life’s little book for clarity, creativity, and change |

Why are life’s experiences what they are? Is there really an explanation for all that is visible and invisible, happening and being in people’s lives? Is there really a purpose to life or is to be defined based on what is chosen? Is there a way out when all avenues seem inaccessible?

If All Is Well, Why Am I Like This? is a personal resource that can help you make sense of your life, especially in its present state, and give you insight on how to proceed to a more fulfilled life. It is a part of ‘Book for Life’, an open book; a book of many books, for living life by design.

Eighty-seven (87) pages of clarity to life and purpose, a help in defining what your place is among over seven billion people in the world; creativity to go about your life’s purpose for more value and better impact and results; as well as change for all that you would love to change, about you, your immediate environment and the world in general.

It features a unique Personal Life Assessment, designed to help you redefine what work you should be for you, what values you are capable of producing and what fortunes (opportunities) abound towards you.

You can also request a Personal Strategy Assessment Report for yourself, written by the AkinWaleEkunDayo (AWED), to be delivered to your email address.

Payment for the EBOOK can be made here


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