The Matter with Zion

The argument on the state of the church is really not much to debate. Those who understand the times would know that whatever is happening now has been long coming. Somehow, we have tasted the pleasures of the city and the consecration that the mountain of the LORD’s house requires has become too lofty for us to aspire to. Instead for us to humble ourselves and return to the LORD, in humility and fresh devotion to Him, we have been busy mastering the ‘balance’ between the presence of the LORD and fields that produce choice wines.

What is happening in the body of Christ is not unknown to the LORD; His quietness about them is what should spur those with fleshy hearts to repentance and restoration. When the LORD seems ,, it is dangerous to assume that all is well.

“For so the LORD said to me, “I will take My rest, and I will look (watch) from My dwelling place like clear heat in sunshine, like cloud of dew in the heat of harvest…” – Isaiah 18 : 4

When God is sending out His warnings, it is dangerous to consider them the noise of a new generation, seeking relevance; when He brings His correction, by His word, we should be careful not to think it is a criticism of what is not understood. Yes! There are baseless criticisms and there are wailings from those who are trying to gain prominence by projecting their voice; still, the word of the LORD is not favorable to His house at the moment. The place where the law of God is supposed to be established and promoted has become an annex for the merchandising going on in the city. The glory of the LORD is gradually departing, yet the watchers are drowned with the pleasure of their successes; the house of the LORD is about to be invaded and the gatekeepers are fast asleep from the muchness of their merry . . .

At the moment, are we not in the business of rejecting what is good, yet crying to the LORD for help? If help from the LORD were to come to us, would we see it as such, knowing that our appetites are awakened to things that do not necessarily glorify GOD? Is it hard to understand that our definition of glory has been redefined as the accomplishment of things and the conquering of territories? Where is the room for the will of the LORD in all of our pursuit? Have we not redefined it also to mean whatever works for us?

As God’s people from every nation, is it possible that our endorsement of people, who have no relationship with the GOD of Heaven, (because they are supposedly Christian, even when there is nothing Christ-like about them) may have produced the situations we have found ourselves? Is it possible that people who seek leadership and responsibility in the house of the LORD have neither foundation in God nor relationship with Him? Even though we are blessed with quality resources, of people and properties, we still do not understand that prosperity is not in the abundance of these things but in whom we are before GOD and who we are becoming with Him.

The house of the LORD and most nations are systematically rejecting the LORD’s word and ways, they are widely considered as strange. Yet, we think it acceptable to reject the LORD and bring Him offerings still. The establishment of temples or citadels and the multiplication of fortified cities may not preserve anything or anyone in the days ahead because the fire that our disobedience is kindling may consume them; the buildings and their occupants altogether.

So, what is the way forward? Where is the hope for redemption and restoration?

Indeed, this is not the time to pass the bulk, bully the erring ones or deny the obvious. It is time to repent and do the works that amount to righteousness.

  • REPAIR: The leadership of the church and the nations must seek God afresh, they must individually and corporately repent and make amends where we went wrong; in matters of doctrine, practices, lifestyle, and calling.
  • RESTORE: The followership must realize that their search is for a person, not things. Everyone following Christ for a thing is short-changing himself or herself; it is self-delusion to continue to seek the LORD for things that would perish with the earth. So much more is at stake with respect to the relationship of God with the earth. Each one must genuinely return to God, be restored to His will and purpose and be fruitful at pursuing it.
  • BUILD: In one accord, we must return to spreading the gospel of the kingdom of Heaven, discipling the nations and leaving behind our personal and corporate ambition. We must build people instead of building edifices, presenting them to God as living sacrifices for His will on the earth.

Then, the LORD would be delighted in us and He would come majestically, rule and reign victoriously with glory and power on the mountain of His house.

Peace to the righteous.

Further Reading: Hosea 8 : 1-14
Written: 29102017 | 07.56AM


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