Flourishing in Captivity, Reigning in Chains


Sometimes ago, precisely four years back, I wrote a piece on a Sunday morning…Let me share it with you:

“Today I would be going to church…and I am so excited about it. I would be going there because I am looking forward to worshipping God with others again. Would you?

However, something is heavy upon my heart. It is the interpretation of a dream I woke up with. A dream in which so many people were arrested, trapped and kept in a camp, somewhere in the forest on the way to a destination of some beautiful note. They were being held in custody by some people, whose mission is no good. Those who had swag-walked past these people were stopped and those in vehicles were stopped too! The road itself is in such a bad state and rain that is supposed to be a blessing is such a pain. The camp is growing bigger and bigger and some of those in the camp are now lords of their community; even in captivity, they are having fun.

I woke up to meditate on this and these questions filled my heart  “Are we not trapped on the road to our destiny even with all our success and all the blessings from above? Are we really still going forward with our calling’s destination in view or we are already building cities in the camps on the way?” 

Now I understand that dream, clearer than I did then. The redefinition of worship and service of God into what it has become, is the evidence that many are far from being redeemed. Is it possible we are flourishing in captivity and, like Israelites, we have become used to the garlics and cucumbers of Egypt? Have we settled for reigning in chains, no where near God – our destination, far from fulfillment of purpose; as long as we have enough food to eat, clothes to wear and properties to display our accomplishment?

There is more in God! There are nations, waiting for us to take them for God’s kingdom (I don’t mean make every building a church). Be free of anything that is holding you down. Break free and draw near to God. 

Arise! Do not be at ease in Zion! Let God work in and through you to bring His kingdom into full manifestation.

Peace to you…for it is righteousness to be about the LORD’s business… 

May the LORD open our eyes to see clearly, our ears to hear accurately and our hearts to do what is needful to keep moving towards the real destination in life. May the Presence of the LORD…bring deliverance to us all and set us right on His path for His name’s sake.”

Amen and Amen
Image Credit: Brave in the Attempt | Institute of Governmental Studies – UC Berkeley