What is work for​ you?

A woman carried each baby for nine months, nurtured them, along with her husband for thirty or more years and someone begins her description with something like “She does not work, she is a full-time housewife”. A man ‘labors, in the word of God, on a people; while everyone else asleep, he is awake, studying and seeking the face of God. While everyone is awake, he is also awake, executing the instructions he was given in the night; then, someone goes “He is a full-time pastor, he does not work”. A fellow wakes up at 4.30AM daily, Monday to Saturday, goes out to do a thing or two, returns home late at night, say 10.00pm late at night. He or she spends seventeen hours out of the house, nine out of it in vehicular traffic, the remaining eight doing something he or she does not really like and his or her description is “He is a very hard worker” or “She is doing something with her life”. . .

What does work mean to you? What does it really mean to work?

There would always be many definitions of what work is. But I have come to realize that if it is not a match of your skills with the problem at hand, one that concerns you personally, it not the work for you. It may offer more engagement, more money, more ‘optics’ and more of whatever it can bring, but it would lack fulfillment. When what you know how to do meets a problem you (personally or corporately) are facing, work is birthed. How much money is realized from an engagement is not the determinant of its value.

The problem solved, not the activity or the pay, define work.

So, whatever your hands can find to do, do it with all your might. Solve a problem that is around you, that is where your passion can be unleashed. “He that does not work must not eat . . .” is a Scripture to those who are not contributing to any progress (personal or corporate) by solving any problem. As a matter of fact, it may be referring to those doing things just to survive. Are you working or laboring?

Enjoy your day . . .. Peace to you.


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  1. Awesome post my friend 😊. What was your inspiration for this post ?

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  2. AWED says:

    I had been listening to too many people defining other people’s lives with their own parameters because they consider theirs a better version. Also, I have been seeing people confuse activity for work . . . describing a job as work. Perhaps, if we all see work as it really is, we would appreciate each person’s contribution no matter how insignificant we consider them in the light of public opinion.

    What stirs you the most in the write-up? what is work for you? Just wondering. . . I will love to read your views too.

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  3. Thank you so much for replying me back AWED 😊. For me I loved the way that you see the life of people. You have an awesome insight buddy. For me, anything that can help solve my problem is associated with work. Isn’t it true ? Anyways thanks a lot for this awesome post 😊


  4. AWED says:

    You are welcome Abhijith 🙂 That indeed is what work must be! Please send me your email, I have a gift for you. It may answer some more questions. . . Cheers.


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