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Someone once asked me, “Why is it that you are too careful to ask for help from people or receive it from those who freely offer it.” I was totally shocked b the question because I do not consider that as a fair assessment of me. Still, I decided to think deeply about the matter and these are my thoughts, based on the word of God:


1. The Bible is clear on matters like this.

The word of God is not very favorable to anyone who puts his confidence in man, whose breath is in his nostril. It recommends, in many ways, to put our confidence in the LORD for He is our ever-present Help, not in men (Isaiah 2 : 22, Psalm 146 : 3-4, Psalm 118 : 8-9, Psalm 46 : 1-2, Hebrews 4 : 16). Still, the question remains, “Would God come down from Heaven to help anyone? Is He not going to use people?” Evidently, blurry state of the line of difference between the help of God and that of man is the real issue that creates these confusions.

Well, God can actually come down from Heaven to help a man, if the need arises. He showed up for Daniel, for the three Hebrew men in the fire, for Elijah the prophet, for Israel in the wilderness, and even for Jesus after His days in the wilderness. He can come down to help is all else fails. We have seen him use animals to provide help, as it was with Elijah and the Ravens; He can still do it again if He so chooses. However, if He chooses to use man, some vital things would be evident:

  • The person would be doing whatever is done for the LORD and not the person in particular. In essence, it is like a command to the giver of the help to do it. When this is the case, it would be clear that the person is doing it because the LORD has commanded it. His or her persona will not interfere in the matter.
  • The circumstances that produced the result would testify that there were no manipulations or coercion to produce the desired result. It would be cheerful on both sides.
  • There will be no hidden agenda or personal objective that the gift of help is serving. As a matter of truth, whenever the reason for the help is hinged on anything else but the command from God, it is a favor waiting to be cashed back in the future.

God is not in the business of giving anyone dominion over another person . . . Administration of His resources is still through Christ, to all who needs it. 


2. Expectation and Aspirations

The expectation of the giver and the aspiration of the receiver must be in sync for the help to be acceptable. Oftentimes, these two are never in sync. The helper thinks he or she or they understand the needs of the person in need more than the persons in need. This is the case of someone being gifted a Private Jet when he or she has not been able to pay his or her children’s school fees because he or she is a global voice for good. If he or she were asked, he or she would have requested for a very small fraction of the expenses for the jet to meet so many needs at the same time, including a comfortable seat on a commercial jet for all speaking engagements. It is like helping a fellow by giving him or her a $2,000 suit or dress; an amount that would have brought tens of affordable ones and meet other needs in the person’s life.

The value of help is not in its cost, it is in its relevance to the person in need of help.

Before you reach out to help anyone, be led by God! If you are not led, you would be wasting God’s resources in your care and God is not pleased with unfaithful stewards. When led to render help, distance your persona from the help. You do not want to take God’s glory and honor upon yourself. After rendering the help, if appreciated, return the glory to God, if not, return the matter to God still. It is wise to refuse to be offended. It is wiser to not use your help to ensnare the vulnerable to do your biddings. God hates that.

If you are the one in need, pray to God and ask Him for help. If you must ask anyone, let it be that the LORD has commanded you so to do. When asking, do so with humility; God resists the proud and those in custody of the help you need do too. If you receive help, be grateful and do not arrogate the honor to yourself. If you have not received help still, do not be discouraged or offended; stay with God, He will come through. When the help finally comes, use it for the purpose it was meant for; do not divert it to serve your lust.

In all, God is still our ever-present help in time of need. It means He is the only constant God; every other help will someday fail. Even if God has appointed help to you from a place, know that it is for a season. It will not last forever from that source. Learn to make God your source and all will be well with you always (even when you go through the fire and storms).

Peace to the righteous.

Written: 14112017 | 09.09AM
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  1. Anikulapo Segun says:

    God bless you for this Sir. And continue to shower you with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discerning spirit.

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  2. AWED says:

    Amen and Amen Sir. I pray same and much more for you too sir. Cheers.


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