Legitimate Doubts and Tormenting Fear.

Fear has torment. It has the capacity to cripple the strongest person when allowed. Doubts may sometimes be valid, especially when there are uncertainties…but the point when legitimate ‘doubt’ becomes tormenting fear is when a person’s thoughts about uncertainties render him or her weak and unable to act right.

Both fear and faith drive actions. While both of them acts, one translates into weakness and the other into strength. Honestly, the alternative to the absence of faith, no matter how hopeless the situation may be, is the abyss of tormenting fear.

Is your nation, people, work, family, relationships, finances and health presenting many uncertainties, fear not! You must learn to feed your faith and starve your doubts, else your doubts will turn to tormenting fear. Faith is not the absence of concerns or uncertainties, it is pressing forward regardless of the risk of your legitimate doubts becoming a reality.

Give it your God, give it your all.

Stay your course and all will end with praise. Do not be afraid, the LORD is with you if you belong to Him.

Peace to you.

Photo Credit: aimeducationalservices.com