Modest Matrimony

I was privileged to attend a marriage ceremony yesterday, at Legon Interdenominational Church, University of Ghana. It was such an eye-opening event for me.

1. I have only spent two minutes on my seat before I could clearly see that this new couple were genuinely in love with each other. They smiled at each other almost every second, you can tell the lady is a true friend to his and that he truly loves her; a truth I would confirm at the reception event. They held hands always, their wedding was not a statement to be made to anyone or to themselves, they were just in love.

2. The reception event had a dramatic twist to it: elders were seated in the garden, young ones were standing around cocktail tables. the reception took about one hour, there were no unnecessary features in the event, no family needed to dance in and all… it was focused on the couple. Period!

3. Then, the food came with the drinks – small chops, cakes and baked pastries . . . To my uttermost surprise, that was all that was served and no one was angry. In fact, everyone ate and chatted with much joy and excitement; no one had a long face; still, nothing was extravagant, no one was out to prove anything to anyone.

4. Finally, I would discover, to my uttermost surprise, that the families are actually well-educated folks, rich and wealthy as well. Still, their definition of celebration is more than material dispensation, they redefined it for me in a big way.

I started to think about all that I had seen and one statement summed it up for me: “Godliness, with contentment, is great gain!” Is it possible most of what we have come to believe to be true are actually false? Is it possible that our attentions are set on things that cannot last, things that lack eternal value? Is it possible marriages are more challenged by things that has no foundation in the word of God than the actual words of God we should live by?

It is good to enjoy life as the gift of God, but there is more to life than enjoying things . . .

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The friendship of a bride,
The love of a groom,
The beauty of a Godly union,
The power of life to come.

The beauty of the new,
The grace in two becoming one,
The wonder of hearts knitted together,
The peace of God surpassing all understanding…

I celebrate this new family. I pray for this freshness to remain in it forever. Now I know and understand that all that is, is as you and I want them to be. Our choices are more powerful than we could imagine.

Choose right.

Choose righteousness, peace and joy.