The Blessings in Blindside


It is always an advantage to see clearly and understand all the elements that are woven into the fabric of reality. Still, it is usually not helpful to see it all. The Bible, in Ecclesiastes 7: 21 says: “Do not take to heart everything people say, lest you hear your servant cursing you” NKJV. It is actually not very helpful to see and know all that is going on around you. Should the LORD God decides to shield you from some things, be content, knowing that God understands why you should be blindsided in those regards. It is unwise to go searching them out.

When you are going through troubles, instead of paying more attention to knowing the persons behind them, you should focus on the reason for the trouble. Even what the enemy meant for evil can be turned to good for you only if you would let go and let God! When you are in certain situations, usually such that you find very hard to explain, it is wiser to set your attention on the Way out of the problems than being poised to see what would come of it.

The less you know or see of things, especially those that have no direct relevance to your life purpose, the better it is for you. Children are able to forgive easily and live freely because they neither see nor understand too many things. Adulthood seems to be the robbery of that innocence that is vital to living well. Though clarity and understanding are vital to fruitful living, it is only valuable when you focus them on things that matter to your life and destiny.

Indeed, seeing or knowing too much is the key to life’s distractions.

Limit your search for meaning to things that matter to your life and destiny; refrain from investigating all matters because what you will find would lead to more heartaches because you would realize you do not have the capacity, as a single person, to respond to them all.

Stay in your lane, stay within your boundaries and stay focused on the prize.


Prayers: Ask the LORD to keep from you things that are good, yet able to distract you from your life purpose. Also, ask God to keep away the evil ones that are capable of making you fearful instead of having more faith in the LORD.

Image Credit: GettyImages/Anderson Ross