Assessment of Things

I got a story sent to me today. When I finished reading it, I realised that beautiful things would always have another side to it. While something looks fantastic to some, it would look deplorable and less in value to some, especially those who had the privilege of experiencing a greater version of it elsewhere or sometime ago.

So, criticism and commentaries are inevitable, there would also be a spectrum of them, as different as our faces are. However, these are my thoughts:

  • Observations are usually mirrored against the backdrop of some standard, interacted with elsewhere. If the measuring standard merely enjoys the benefit of first entry and has not been measured against the peculiarities of a new environment/place, such judgments will be unfair to make…
  • As per any church of Christ, it is a slippery slope. Whenever the conversation or appraisal is against the standard of another denomination, in another place, something is going to be fundamentally wrong with the assessment.

Denominations are the creation of men, based on someone’s experience walking with God, it is not a closed chapter on how men must walk with God

  • As long as we keep the standard we are checking all things by as the word of God (written) we can never go wrong, for the spoken word, however powerful and present, can easily be falsified or edited; for it is spoken and it goes with the moment. A depraved heart will tell lies in God’s name, a deceived one would uphold falsehood without knowing it; even the listeners would by their greed of heart prefer lies to truth and the wise ones of this world would take anything that makes sense as God’s word and reject the part that transcends their humanity, to their own peril.

In the end, nothing can be done against the truth, but for it. The Truth (Christ Himself) would prevail. Amen.

Image Credit: LinkedIn